Flying High During The COVID-19 Crisis Serving Chicken Wings

Who knew the restaurant industry would face an unprecedented challenge in the form of an uncontrollable viral pandemic?

Many chains had a disaster plan in place!

One, in particular, The Wingstop.

On March 16, the Wingstop closed all 1,413 of its dining rooms and shut down its corporate offices.

What they did next was shifted its focus to takeout and delivery only.

The chicken wing phenomenon has taken flight!

It’s almost impossible not to find them on restaurant menus.

Who would ever think that chicken wings would save a chain from closing or crashing into bankruptcy?

Once the coronavirus became a clear threat, Wingstop formed a COVID-19 task force of vital leaders across the organization.

During the early weeks of the pandemic,  they drafted information to send to franchisees through the company’s Wingnet intranet system. There were weekly all-company meetings with the operations team as well as frequent online gatherings for their 270 franchisees.

Their sense of teamwork and trust is unique, and the company has experienced no supply chain issues since responding to the challenges of the COVID-19.

They modified their operating procedures to ensure a clean and safe environment. Enacting various safety measures to ensure proper social distancing and the protection of guests and their staff.

There was a drop when sporting events vanished but swiftly added a strategy to focus on other gaming and streaming services.

“Wings are an occasion for any time of day and any reason,” says Wingstop CEO Charlie Morrison.


They have a strong focus on digital strategies and building their off-premise business. It appears the Wingstop hardly misses its dine-in sales. The chain is logging a more significant number of family orders, rather than individual checks, during the pandemic.

As spikes of coronavirus cases in states that have reopened their dining rooms, there is no rush to open the Wingstop dining rooms. “We’ll probably be one of the last ones to reopen,” Morrison said.

Big Business In Chicken Wings

But can you run a legitimate business on just wings?

Fewer menu items mean less hassle preparing foods, hence fewer employees.

Chicken wing franchises are now among the hottest in the restaurant industry.

Do You Want to Own or Invest In a  Wing Restaurant?

A Pandemic Won’t Ruin Your Restaurant Startup

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