If you ask Cindy Davenport she would be happy to say YES!

Davenport came up with the idea for her business, at her son’s baseball practice one night.
“We were sitting there talking about what to make for dinner and a friend offered me some money to make extra for her, I have a passion for cooking and sharing great food with good people. Davenport’s Daily Delights started because I saw a need from busy families just like mine who were looking for wholesome, tasty and prepared meals they could enjoy together” said Davenport. 
Three years later her dinner idea has hit a homerun and is a family fan favorite for food delivery and pick-up.
Davenport has a kitchen team of five employees and her husband John.
“I think we have been so successful because people want an easy way to provide a healthy, balanced meal for their families,” said Davenport, who jokes that her team makes everything but the pasta from scratch.
Finding a need and filling a niche can work for any business.
Finding the need and filling it takes research and work but that doesn’t mean you’ll be a success. What’s most important is that you consistently fill the need and niche so you keep your customers happy and coming back, that’s what really makes you a success.

Davenport Delights has done just that, she found the need and niche at her sons baseball game and three years later she’s still going strong!

How did Cindy and her crew accomplish this success?
“All of my recipes have a story,” said Davenport. “They come from family, friends and meals that we have eaten while traveling and all have great memories that we are happy to be able to pass on to our customers.”
She started Davenport’s Daily Delights to help family’s sit down to dinner and have a home cooked meal. Davenport’s Delight can also help with any catering needs. They can assist in creating a perfect menu for holiday gatherings, upcoming special events and parties, client meetings, and corporate events.
Let’s face it we’re living in a world that is so busy it’s hard to plan meals, go grocery shopping and hold down a job. Cindy saw the need and decided to start her business knowing many families needed the services she had to offer.
I’m sure you want to know more about how Davenport Delights actually serves and delivers to their clients!
If you got to their web page the following steps to order are as follows:

How It Works

Place your order.

Call (813) 315-9123, or order online.
Ordering deadline is by 8 pm the day
before pick up. Full orders are $30 and
serve 4. Half orders are $16 and serve 2.
Pick up your goodies.
Drop by to pick up your dinner

between 4-7 pm. Our address is 6102
Heroncrest Ct. Payment is due at pick up.
For delivery.
We request that you pay by cash, check, or paypal. Additionally, please leave a cooler out in case you won’t be home. Thanks!
After a quick reheat, dig in!

Your meal is already cooked
and ready, so you can have
dinner on the table in minutes.
Your hungry family will thank you!

The amazing thing about Davenport Daily Delights is they work out of a commercial shared kitchen and don’t have to worry about renting or owning their own building.
If you’re just starting out this is an affordable and smart way to begin a food delivery business.
RENTING A COMMERCIAL KITCHEN-commercial kitchens or commissaries are “shared space,” where several people  have access to the group kitchen.
I’m familiar with the successful company that Cindy Davenport is preparing her meals out of Your Pro Kitchen. I highly recommend getting information and touring  a location or other companies offering a similar type of facility and opportunity.
Your Pro Kitchen provides all the resources and helps you cut through all the red tape of starting a food business.


When you join Your Pro Kitchen, you get access to all these unbelievable amenities.

Kitchen Amenities

Kitchen 3Orlando Kitchen 2

  • Commercial stove tops with ovens
  • Commercial convection ovens
  • Reach-in refrigerators
  • Reach-in freezer
  • Clean & inspected fire suppressed hood vent system
  • Cooling / bakers racks
  • Three compartment sinks
  • Storage for equipment, smallwares & dry food
  • Kitchens regularly inspected by the Department of Agriculture, Department of Business & Professional Regulations and the USDA.
  • Certified pest control
  • Large, clean restrooms
  • Food truck commissary
  • Mop sink with all cleaning supplies

This is just one of many facilities making it possible and affordable to own a HOMEMADE TAKE-OUT MEAL BUSINESS.
I’ve toured a few of these kitchens and was shocked to see such a clean, organized and professional set up. I could tell the moment I walked in that everyone there respected each other’s food space.When you’ve been in professional kitchens for as long as I have, you know immediately if it’s a well run and pleasant environment to work in.

If you want more information on starting a
food business please click on this logo 


It has never been easier to get into the food business!