It Always Comes Down To The Basics

A great idea is never enough.

Where do you start with your great idea?

execute your idea

A Great Restaurant Idea

I am sure you can recall a time or times when you devised a restaurant idea. You probably envisioned how much money you would make. You talked about it with excitement. And then…nothing happened.

Most great ideas remain just that an idea!

Many obstacles can deter you from moving forward with your idea.

You are busy, have a job, and struggle to prioritize accordingly.

Listening to the negativity of others.

You doubt yourself.

The fear of failure and the unknown.

You are not sure what steps need to be taken.

Turning An Idea Into A Reality 

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Let me give you a short story of my experience and the process I took. One of the last positions I had before starting my own business was managing a catering department in a multi-service restaurant.

It offered dual services. One entrance led you to the upscale bar and sit-down restaurant, and the other entrance led you to a NY Style Deli and Catering counter. It was located on the fringe of the city in Rochester, NY, and eclectic urban neighborhoods.

I was hired to build their corporate catering department since several companies were requiring catered lunches. They needed food delivered for meetings, workshops, special events such as holidays, and promotions, to name a few—companies such as Xerox, Kodak, Bausch Lombe, and many other growing companies.

After working there for about 3 years, I saw the strong need for feeding the business communities at all different levels.

In my case, the idea I created was Corporate Catering, a lunch, and catering delivery service.

After researching many areas, to locate we located in Clearwater, Florida, in 1991. It was a prime area starting to blossom with existing white- and blue-collar companies growing and new ones moving in.

Our goal was to create quality fresh meals served at my customer’s desks, break rooms, conference rooms, and special events.

They could only get meals if they went to a sit-down restaurant, now could be delivered to them at their convenience.

This was the same service I had helped develop and grow in the Western NY restaurant I worked in before moving to Florida.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

If you want to know more details on how I took my idea and turned it into a successful catering business <Click Here>

Deciding What Steps to Take

Keep your idea as a deep, meaningful goal and understanding why you are pursuing it.

In the long run, it will help reduce the chances that you will quit.

Remind yourself of why you want to be a restaurant owner.

Take the First Step

The first step you must take to have any chance of making your idea materialize is to choose a money-making cuisine.

Choosing the right cuisine can put you on a path to success and knock out any of the obstacles above.

Research your idea; understand the marketplace. See if your idea is being done elsewhere.

Chances are it will be. The reality is that most ideas you come up with have already been done. The good news is that those that out-execute win.

Think about where you can improve on the idea. Make incremental changes.

Once you are comfortable with the consequences of your decisions, then only can, you take action.

What action can you take right now to make the idea a reality?

Picture the idea as a cake and the small slices you take as the action points.

Be patient; overnight success rarely happens.

Many people quit because the desired results are not achieved fast enough.

Very rarely will you achieve overnight success? Take time to enjoy the journey and do the right steps as you go.

Turning an idea into reality is a process.