During the Past 12 Years

I Have Made My Living Being In TWO Different Businesses

Do you want to know what they are? Read on!

One of them is helping entrepreneurs start successful restaurants!

The other is helping musicians and entertainers promote their careers!

It may seem like two completely different businesses, but that is very much alike when it comes to satisfying their audience or target market.

One business does its satisfying through its customer’s palates and the other through their ears.

They both ignite human senses!

We know that food and Music are pleasurable, and it seems to play a role in our wellbeing.

Food and Music Activate Many Areas of the Brain

Music works a lot as food does, except instead of words and ideas, it’s flavor and presentation. In this way, Music, like food, can be passed on from generation to generation, creating a sense of continuity and loyalty to one’s tribe.

When you read this blog post, I want to convey that there are many ways to be your boss. I chose Food & Music as my journey into entrepreneurship.

What will you decide?

The tricky part is deciding if you want to be your boss!

If you do, then you must find the best fit for your natural skills and learned strengths.

Whether you want to own and run your restaurant or control your professional entertainment career, they must run like businesses.

It all begins during your startup planning stage. This phase lays out the map to your entrepreneur journey. You will discover if the journey is possible and if it is the one you want!

I have owned restaurants and catering businesses, a music retail store, and a multimedia service company. My experience is with starting, selling, and consulting and helping others do the same.

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and an action taker who believes if you want to be a restaurant owner, you must act, or your dream will never have a chance of becoming a reality.

Do you have what it takes?

The Best Place to Start Is By Taking My Assessment!

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The purpose of the assessment is to measure your strengths, skills, and achievements.

The GOAL is to find anything that can give you an advantage as an owner.

During the Past 12 Years

I Have Made My Living Being In TWO Different Businesses

Hear what my clients have said about me!

jeannette goldman at a wedding

Jeannette made recommendations to streamline the theme and align the menu with conveying a particular atmosphere to attract more business and newer clientele. After enlisting her to help me with this endeavor, I was able to use analytical tools and procedures to correct problems, increase productivity, eliminate costly issues, and more.

Armed with this new knowledge, I was able to increase sales quickly!

The market strategy Jeannette helped to implement was very successful and proved to appease the existing “regulars” in addition to providing a welcoming addition of new customers.

I am grateful for Jeannette’s guidance and expertise throughout this process. Her recommendations helped considerably to decrease expenses, increase sales, and to streamline the operation from front to back, making it much more profitable. I have been in the Hospitality business my entire career – yet working with Jeannette opened my eyes and awareness so much that I was able to implement and execute a workable strategy to bring the restaurant to new levels of success.

John Landon, Bonita Springs, Florida

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“I just wanted to thank Pro Star, Jeannette, and Jody, again for hosting us last weekend. We were thoroughly impressed by the facilities, but also by your professionalism, efficiency, and genuine kindness. It’s so nice to play and record at places where they make it a point to value the artists.”

Sarah Mac from The Sarah Mac Band/ Tallahassee FL.

“Jody & Jeannette, You Both Rock, thanks for a great recording and mix. Your studio has a great sound and vibe…”

Jim Mason- Recording artist, songwriter, (co-wrote I dig Rock-n-Roll Music a hit for Peter, Paul & Mary). And backup vocalist for such artists as John Lennon and Alice Cooper. Produced platinum albums for Fire Fall and worked on numerous projects with Eagles Bassist Timothy B. Schmitt.

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If You Want To Be In Your Own business, I Can Show You How

No matter where you are at this very time in your career, I want you to know anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

If you can commit to doing everything necessary, I know your dream of starting and running a restaurant can happen.

The startup phase is where most essential procedures and decisions are put into action to secure your success.

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