During the Pandemic, What Restaurant Have the Fewest Closures?

Restaurants with the fewest closures during the pandemic are in off-premise-friendly sectors such as pizza, delis, bakeries, coffee shops, and food trucks.

Restaurants with the highest closure rates include those specializing in breakfast and brunch, burgers and sandwiches, desserts, and Mexican food, the report from the review platform found.

Larger USA states and urban areas with high rent costs have seen the most significant impact.

The highest closure rates overall are in Hawaii, California, and Nevada, according to the reports.

Though this may be a difficult time in general, startups launched during a downturn tend to be far more durable and resilient than those started in a better economic time. I can vouch for this read my blog post on my catering business that I started during a downturn in the early 90’s economy.

This is a great time to research and start your restaurant!

What Should You Do Next?

Finding The Right Location To Start Your Off-Premise Restaurant

Cities have been hit particularly hard, according to the data. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami have seen high numbers of businesses permanently closing.

The best approach is to find the states, cities, and towns that are safer, and our food epicenters to locate your startup. Look for areas lacking in off-premise and develop solutions that could be a fantastic off-premise restaurant.

As this pandemic continues to impact our lives, there will be significant long-term opportunities for restaurants.

If you serve excellent cuisine and locate near a population that needs their meals cooked and ready to go, you have a greater chance to be successful.

Dine-in closures restaurant, menus, and consumers’ eating habits are a little different in these times. Do not miss this opportunity and research material on how to start an off-premise restaurant TODAY.

If you want to be successful, you have to work, and research is your first GOAL.

The Big Picture

Consumers are attracted to restaurant foods that are accessible and offer comfort or stress relief amid uncertain times.

The NPD Group’s national food and beverage analysts reported in July that 63% of their eating occasions during the COVID-19 outbreak have been atypical. They are eating and getting foods and beverages outside of their regular routines.

Many are choosing off-premise options, whereas before, they may have preferred to dine in. Many are eating different foods than before. Still, others are shifting the time of day they like to eat.

Comfort and indulgent foods, such as pizza, burgers, and fries, continued to top the list of growing foods. Shakes, carbonated soft drinks, and frozen slushies continued to be the top beverages.

“These foods have grown slightly in menu importance since pre-virus. The changes in eating are less about what consumers desire and more about the ease of access,” said NPD’s David Portalatin.

Chains like Chipotle have quickly adopted digital off-premise.

In the future, they plan to build on its digital successes by experimenting with delivery prices and accelerating the by adding the “Chipotlanes” or drive-thru lanes designed for fetching mobile orders.

Off-Premise Restaurant Startups Are on The Rise in America

During this current restaurant environment, an Off-Premise food business is a smart option.

Off-premises refer to any dining experience had outside the four walls of a restaurant.

Opening an off-premises restaurant is just as exciting as starting a dine-in venture.

Off-premises revenue services include curbside/takeout/delivery/drive-thru/and catering.

Food Delivery Services

Pizza and Chinese takeout have been a part of the delivery and curbside business for several years. During this pandemic, other restaurants are now grabbing a market-share, some of whom will continue the service long after it’s over.

If you still desire to open a dine-in restaurant, what better way to start making money and testing your cuisine. The off-premise experience will help you develop a plan for when you can open a dine-in restaurant after the pandemic.

You will have already had an existing base of customers from your off-premise business to welcome into your new restaurant’s dine-in service.

Whether you need coaching or are going to utilize my resources, I have the expertise to make your new restaurant a success.

My Services  Will Make Your Off-Premises Restaurant Work