During The Pandemic

Food Must Travel Retaining Quality and Flavor To Retain Customers

What has remained consistent during the pandemic is the demand for take-out and delivery. That is why Food Must Travel Retaining Quality and Flavor.

The restaurants who have continued to be successful during this pandemic are offering curbside, delivery, and take-out! When offering delivery, ensuring that food retains quality and flavor is essential!

What can you do to make sure your menu selections hold up when traveling?

The first thing you must do is keep track of what types of foods your customers are ordering during the pandemic!

According to Datassential, a company founded in 1999 focuses on helping the food & beverage industry make smarter decisions by embracing data and software. At the start of the coronavirus, crisis consumers were interested in comfort foods such as fried chicken was popular during the month of May. Additionally, according to Uber Eats, the most popular delivery item in March was French fries. With fried foods providing a sense of normalcy and comfort during changing times.

Technomic a research firm’s most recent weekly Foodservice Monitor, said 32% of operators are promoting healthy foods, up from 30% the week before and 21% at the beginning of April. It seemed like as the virus was progressing health officials were promoting keeping our immune system strong. Many people’s eating habits shifted to a healthier trend. Even on the retail side, the demand for healthy products seems to be on the rise, too.

What Items Should You Offer On Your Menu?

I know it must be confusing, should you offer more comfort or healthier foods? You may want to look at from this point of view, attract both customers those who want comfort food and those who want healthier options. It’s a win, win, situation. Your goal is to feed your customers what they want! If you want them to eat with your restaurant more often, find out what they prefer.

Either way, retaining quality and flavor to keep customers with delivery and carryout services must be achieved!

Staying in business during a time of new challenges requires restaurants that can adapt to the take-out environment.

 You Know What You’re Serving You Need To Find The Right Containers 

Purchasing reliable containers for food to travel in must maintain safe temperatures, prevent leaks, and keep food sanitary. By investing in the right take-out food containers, you can diversify your menu, increase your profits, and retain quality and flavor.

Take-Out Containers Come In a Variety of Materials

From foil, plastic, and foam to more eco-friendly options like paper or bagasse, there is sure to be an option that best suits your restaurant’s needs!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the right packaging for your to-go foods I highly recommend this Disposable Take-Out Containers Guide

Speaking of guides I know the guide I’ve just finished


It’s Possible To Open and/or Run A Restaurant During A Pandemic

Look at this pandemic as something positive! This virus shouldn’t fan the flames that motivated you to want to become a restaurant owner!

There are two things that all restaurant startups have in common, you will play an essential role in keeping people fed, and you keep the American Dream alive for those wanting to start their own businesses.

I will be releasing a guide this month on how to start the best restaurant during a pandemic.

I developed a detailed, customized guide for starting an Off-Premises restaurant.

If you would like a FREE copy of the guide when I release it to the public please fill out the >contact form<.