During Another Wave of COVID More Chick-fil-A Open in South Florida

“Quick-Service,” once known as “Fast Food” restaurants as Chick-fil-A, is bouncing back from the economic downturn by adding new stores in high-volume urban areas.

Chick-fil-A restaurants will soon open in West Boca to Miami-Dade.

They will need at least 700 employees to man those sites.

The job search site Glassdoor named the company one of the top 100 best places to work this year.

Who knew fresh chicken sandwiches would become direct competition for burgers to go!

Chick-fil-A expects to continue this strong growth in the South Florida market for the years to focus on the greater Miami area. Miami was once one of the hotbeds for COVID.

Why Is Chick-fil-A One of The Leading Quick-Service Restaurants?

Chick-fil-A is the most profitable fast-food chain in America on a per-location basis.

A pressure fryer allows the cooks to churn out fried chicken sandwiches as quickly as fast-food chains like McDonald’s or Burger King could turn out hamburgers.

Nearly every item on its menus is made from scratch daily, including salads from fresh vegetables and fruit hand-chopped throughout the day.

Its chicken contains no antibiotics, and lemonade is made from lemon juice, sugar, and water.

Their food consistently receives high marks for taste and a growing commitment to a healthier menu.

Over the course of the last ten years, Chick-fil-A proactively removed all trans fats from its foods, committed to antibiotic-free meats by 2019.

They established an Innovation Center where food scientists, dietitians, and chefs work together to develop recipes.

They Require Their Management to Be Hands-On

Getting the chance to run a Chick-fil-A franchise is extremely difficult, which is part of the reason the company is so successful.

Restaurant operators must complete an extensive, multi-week training program before taking over the operation of a franchised Chick-fil-A restaurant business. And additional development courses and franchise support is available. Chick-fil-A Operators are given the tools to handle decisions and to reap the rewards of a challenging quick-service business.

If you want to operate a Chick-fil-A, you do it where they tell you, operate only one restaurant, and do it yourself, managing hands-on and giving it your all.

Employees Are Just as Important as Guests

Their instilled culture of caring seems to have directly translated to how Chick-fil-A employees treat customers.

The company was rated Americans’ most beloved fast-food restaurant in the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s annual survey in 2018.

The operators are encouraged to run their location with a dedication to caring and compassion for their employees.

Franchisees have been known to help cover costs for a worker’s education. They are supportive during employee personal emergencies. Owners also encourage employees to follow their dreams, even if doing so will ultimately lead them to leave the chain.

The company’s commitment to service and quality has led to a success story like few others in the food industry. The success continues even in the most difficult times, feeding people when a pandemic is raging.

Do You want to Start a Successful Restaurant Like Chick-fil-A?

This post shared many of the attributes and qualities that make Chick-fil-A one of the leading Quick-Service restaurants.

It comes down to a keep it simple menu “Chicken” and accompaniments.

It doesn’t get that much easier! Well, it’s not quite that easy.

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