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Don’t Start A Restaurant Until You Read This!

Inside the 3 C E-Book,  you’ll discover what a new owner must know and do to start a restaurant! THREE necessary steps you must do before you spend all of your life savings or take out a loan to start your restaurant.

After spending 25 years owning and managing, I understand what you need to start and grow successful restaurant and catering businesses. I share that information in my 3 C’s E-Book, a FREE resource you can download here.

You Will Learn:

  • How to Choose a Money Making Cuisine
  • How to Find Your Ideal Customers
  • How to Develop a Concept That People Desire

You have many decisions and commitments to make, such as finding a location, hire staff, buying equipment,  and creating a menu, to name a few. But the truth is you can’t possibly make those decisions without knowing the 3 C’s, Cuisine, Customer, and Concept!

~C 1Your cuisine is the first thing to consider when planning your restaurant. What will be your distinctive ingredients, and how will your food be prepared? Most new restaurant entrepreneurs have some idea of the cuisine they’ll be serving. Whether you do or you’re still undecided, it’s essential to review cuisines that have had success for many years.

~C 2 – One thing to do to draw ideal customers is to carefully consider who they are and how they prefer to engage when eating at a restaurant.

Earning the trust and support of your customer base is extremely important because they are the people that will be filling your seats. They can only get to know your restaurant if its representation is thoughtful and consistent.

~C3– The restaurant concept is your business model; it explains how your restaurant works, its price structure, service level, menu, interior design, and ambiance.

There are four types of restaurant concepts to choose from when you’re planning a restaurant startup. You learn about how each concept operates giving you the chance to decide which one will work best for your startup restaurant.

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There is so much involved in starting a restaurant, and it’s easy to lose focus unless guided. The 3C’s will navigate you during your startup.

Avoid common growing pains that usually hinder first-time entrepreneurs.

More importantly, avoid the possibility of failure after reading this E-Book!

Through my years of being a successful restaurant entrepreneur, I know if you follow this formula you’ll find success as well.




graphic for the 3 c's ebook