Do You Want To Own A Restaurant?

What should you do?

I found myself in this exact situation!

I was eager to start my business, but I didn’t know what to do…

I worked in various types of restaurants, explored different ideas on what to start, I began to train my mind to find opportunities in the restaurants I worked and managed staff. I figured out what I was good at and could become great at and begin to learn more about those skills.

When I developed them and became confident, I was able to build my restaurant idea around it.

One of the characteristics of highly successful people is that they’ve learned to build on their strengths.

That was how I conceived the idea for my successful business Corporate Catering in the 1990s!

Develop a profitable skill with the strengths you have.

Here is a way you can find your strengths and develop skills to create your restaurant idea!

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Do You Want To Own A Restaurant

Discover and define your strengths and learn how you can utilize them in your restaurant.

The purpose of the assessment is to measure your strengths, skills, and achievements.

The goal is to find anything that can give you an advantage as a restaurant owner.

You may or not have restaurant experience but you have gained strengths and skills whether it’s from life experiences, your career, or hobbies that can be an advantage in your restaurant as an owner.

It’s vital that your strengths complement the restaurant you’re developing.

Some people seem to be naturally skilled in a particular role or task.

Surprisingly you may already have some of the skills that are beneficial in the restaurant industry.

The job description of a restaurant owner includes many duties and accountability. Anyone can own a restaurant, but it takes more than the desire to own a profitable one.

Being a restaurant owner is like shape, you need to find one that fits you. One you will do well at, the one you’re most comfortable in, and the one that gives you purpose.

Upon completion of this assessment, please email me your answers and I will schedule a FREE One Hour bonus coaching included in this assessment.

During this call, we will discuss where you will naturally be the most productive in your restaurant.

We will go over the results and discuss how to align and integrate your strengths and skills into your restaurant.

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