Hoagies, Heroes, Subs, Sandwiches, and Grinders Oh My!

Do You Want to Open a Sub Shop?

Depending on where you live, you may know a sandwich as a sub, hoagie, hero, or grinder. Or perhaps there’s even another name you know it by, a wedge, blimp, torpedo, bomber, or Dagwood, maybe?

While these names refer to a type of sandwich, they each have their own distinct make up that sets them apart. “Sub” is probably the most widely used name! Whether you hail from the south, north, east or west coasts, or the Midwest, you’ve probably used this term before or at least, you’ve heard of it.

Starting a local sandwich shop is going to cost much less than opening a fine dining restaurant. You will still have the expenses of opening a food business.

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Submarine sandwiches are a go-to food for many people, as they’re inexpensive, quick, tasty, and can even be a healthy meal, depending on the sub.

So is the sub shop business right for you? If you like serving people and are passionate about food, you may be qualified to run a sub shop. Sub shop business owners should be familiar with how to efficiently make sandwiches, as that is the main product the business sells. There’s a lot of hands-on work owning a sub shop, as sandwiches are typically assembled to order as customers request them. Because people eat sandwiches for lunch, dinner and other times, they are usually open during most of the day. You should expect to work almost every day, although some close for one day a week and major holidays.

Listen to two people who got into the sandwich and how successful it turned out to be without food experience!

Have you decided on the type of sandwich shop, you’d like to open?

Some sandwich shops are just an open counter onto the street, while others have a small seating area where customers can enjoy their sandwiches. Generally,  sub shops are run out of a small retail location.

What kind of sandwiches will you be serving?

Some sub shop businesses have set themselves apart from others by offering exclusive, unique sandwiches. These may be seasonal sandwiches, local favorites, ethnic sandwiches or one-of-a-kind creations. Think about a name, look, or ambiance that will set your sandwich shop apart from the competition. A nicely designed exterior and interior with a catchy title can help your shop stand out.

Where will you locate your sandwich shop?

Unless you plan on operating your sandwich shop out of a food truck, you’ll need to pay for a location. Location is a prime reason why restaurants succeed or fail, and where your shop is located will have a significant effect on your business and your costs. For a top spot for lunch-goers, whether you are located in an urban center or a suburban strip mall, rent can be pricey. “Forbes” recommends limiting the cost of rent to 8 percent of your revenue.

Do you know what equipment you will need for your sandwich shop?

There are several types of equipment needed to help you run an efficient sandwich shop. To help your shop run smoothly and efficiently, you focus on three categories. They include necessary cooking equipment, food preparation equipment, and holding equipment cold and hot.

Sub shops appeal to many customers. Sandwiches can be adapted to many taste preferences and health requirements, and they’re convenient affordable meal options.

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One of the most significant resources an entrepreneur can have is quality mentorship or coach. As you start planning your shop, please check out my one on one coaching services. I can give you all the essential information to help you decide if this business is a good match for you. Please look at the resources I have available on my website before making any decisions on starting your sandwich shop!

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Each type of food business comes with its own specific set of costs to consider.

Regardless of the type you want to launch, it’s helpful to break down the one-time costs for opening. You’ll be able to estimate your recurring expenses. The resources available on this site will assist you in figuring out those difficult break downs and get as close to an estimate for what it will cost to start and run your restaurant.

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