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No, this is not a food reality television series!
It’s more like a “road trip” visiting theaters, that are kicking movie watching up several notches, BAM!
How do 10 theaters with two bars, happy hour specials, reclining seats, and an app for ordering food sound?
These days, a movie with popcorn, over cooked rotated hot dogs, cold cardboard tasting pizza, and gooey make-believe, orange cheese topped nachos isn’t enough to make a trip to the movies.
Movie goers are looking for more than the traditional theater look, comfort, and snacks.
Now that there are so many top movies available to stream at home, and endless food-delivery options, it can be more attractive to stay at home on a Friday night.

Movie peeps want to be truly entertained whether it’s a full-service bar, seat-side wait service or a nice meal they can enjoy on plush reclining seats.
This isn’t your average Netflix Night!
Added services and hoyte toyte amenities allow theaters to appeal to different audiences, providing moviegoers an experience they wouldn’t get at home.
The same can be said about the restaurant industry.
When you start a restaurant you have to offer something different, better and more cutting-edge if you want to stand out.
What can you do to be out in front of your competition?
Change the way people feel about the industry!
You can start by studying what other’s are doing and start planning your startup to WOW your potential customers.
I’m not saying you have to spend thousands and thousands to do it. Get Creative! Think of ways to brand your restaurant right from the beginning.


The lounge at the CMX Brickell City Centre in Miami is modeled after a five –star hotel.

The complete experience, with dinner, drinks and a movie, all in one place, makes it impossible to leave.
It can be a date night or the entire family experience!
An added convenience for most of the theaters is the ability to reserve a seat in advance, which can be done online or in the theater.
Many theaters feature monthly cocktails based on the movies that are playing.
A theater in Arizona (Alamo’s Chandler Crossings ) is filled with the eye-catching decor.
Ticketing in the lobby is attached to the bar.
Cocktails are based on MPAA ratings to add to the theme.
  • G is for non-alcoholic cocktails.
  • PG drinks are “easy-going” like The Dude’s White Russian.
  • PG-13 are “something more adult,” such as the Spiced Gin Punch.
  • R drinks are “big, boozy and grown-up,” like the Bitter Orange concoction.
Enough about cocktails, time to talk about the FOOD being served at these new movie theaters!
In addition to a traditional concession stand, most theaters offer gourmet snacks and entrees.

Pretty appetizing don’t you think?
The magic of going to the movies will always exist, but it will continue to evolve based on consumer needs and preferences.
The same can be said about the restaurant industry.
You have to offer quality food, spot on service and an atmosphere that cannot be achieved by eating at home. It’s a  communal experience just like going to the movies.
Your customers need a reason to come to you instead of staying at home or going to your competition.
Competition is so fierce in this industry just like the movie theater industry, and you have to find a way to stand out. One way to do this is to have a unique theme.
How about a movie night at your restaurant or a movie theme atmosphere?
In today’s restaurant environment, it’s now a necessity to have a theme.
It’s part of your restaurant’s branding, your personality and can be the very reason people will choose your restaurant, then someone else’s…
If you need help in creating a theme or ideas to get your startup to stand out, I can be of assistance. Startyourrestaurantbusiness.com is the best place to start making your dream of starting a restaurant become a reality!
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Stay ahead of the pack and be on the cutting edge! The industry isn’t slowing down; it’s a great time to start a restaurant.
As far as I’m concerned, it’s always a great time IF you know what to do at the beginning, the most vital phase when becoming a restaurant owner!

Watch A Movie To Get Your Ideas Flowing!