Step 1 Choosing the Right Cuisine

People visit a restaurant first and foremost for good food! Your cuisine is not only what attracts new customers to your restaurant but also keeps them.

In this step, we cover how to research and choose a successful money-making cuisine and guide you through the process of finding and satisfying your target customer.

Step 2 Finding Your Ideal Customer

Your Ideal Customer plays a major role in finding the best location for your restaurant. Let that sink in! You can’t possibly find a location till you find your target customer.

In this step, you will learn how to find customers that will want and love your cuisine. I will show you how to get an understanding of who they are, and which ones are likely to patronize your restaurant.

The pursuit of good food has the power to bring people into all kinds of restaurants. People will drive out of their way for a special occasion, but in general, locating your business near your ideal customers is the smartest thing to do.

Step 3 Choosing the Right Concept

A restaurant’s concept can best be described as your restaurant’s business model. There are 4 Major Restaurant concept models and services they require. Because success is so reliant on your concept, it’s important to understand how each one works.

Step 3 helps you decide what concept is the best fit for your cuisine, service, and possible location.

Step 4 Creating an Entertaining Theme

Your theme plays a major role in attracting customers. A restaurant theme is how you connect, on a personal level and how you deliver appetite satisfaction.

This step will show how to discover and develop your successful theme. I also discuss examples of restaurants that have been successful and how their themes attract the audience they want.

Step 5 Developing a Tempting Menu

The menu is the most important internal sales tool a restaurant has to market its food and beverage to customers. It is your primary means of representation.

In this step, I offer examples and extensive guidance to developing a menu your ideal customers will LOVE!

There are 5 parts to Step 5: All the information you could ever learn to create a successful menu is right here!

Part 1- Menu Planning

Part 2- Menu Formats

Part 3- Menu Descriptions

Part 4- Menu Recipe Costing and Pricing

Part 5- Menu Engineering

Step 6 Startup Checklist for Opening Your First Restaurant

To have the best chance of success in a new restaurant, you will want to be well prepared.

In this step, we provide a comprehensive checklist that reminds you of the tasks you must perform when starting your business.

An organized checklist will help reduce stress! It will guide you as you accomplish all the necessary tasks before opening day.

Everything you need to do is contained in this step.

Step 7 Creating A Powerful Restaurant Startup Blueprint

You need to understand where you want to go before you can figure out how to get there. The blueprint serves as a guide solely for the owner of a new business.  It helps keep your goals in sight and in the right direction.

It may feel like a lot, but believe me, it will help you avoid disastrous mistakes later.

*This step includes a free menu template and a mock menu to follow to assist you in creating your first menu*