Who Crossed The Road First

The Food Truck Or The Eggslut Sandwich?

The Beginning of a Beautiful Breakfast Egg Romance!

Let me start off by saying what influenced me to write this post.

It was Ruth Reichl’s  description of the “coddled egg” a breakfast sandwich on the restaurant Eggslut’s menu.

 “This is a perfect way to start the day – a tender egg, held together with no more than a wish, on top of buttery pureed potatoes. The crunch of salt, the snappy bite of chives. Heaven in a spoon. And so rich it made three of us deliriously happy for the rest of the day.” Ruth Reichl an American chef, food writer, co-producer of PBS’s Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie, culinary editor for the Modern Library, host of PBS’s Gourmet’s Adventures With Ruth, and the last editor-in-chief of the Gourmet magazine. 

It’s an honor when one chef acknowledges another but to describe this egg sandwich as enticing and eloquent as Chef Reichl did, well that’s taking a compliment to a level worth food plagiarizing if there such a thing!

If I were Chef Cailan, owner of Eggslut I’d steal some of Chef Reichl’ words she used to describe his famous his coddled egg and put it on his menu. It’s worth watching your guests salivating and dreaming before the sandwich even arrives between their fingertips.

Your menu descriptions play a vital role in the success of your restaurant.

Menu descriptions deserve a post of its own! I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it in the very near future!

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Who Crossed The Road First The Food Truck Or The Eggslut Sandwich?

Chef Cailan felt the urge to start his own business!

His goal bring a “good breakfast” to LA.

“Breakfast doesn’t have to be pancakes and syrup on a big scale,” Cailan says.

His feeling was the average LA morning doesn’t have to start by cruising through a double drive-thru McDonald’s or Starbucks before merging onto the freeway.

His answer to a better way, his egg-focused food truck Eggslut!

It didn’t take long before he had morning hungry guests lining up and down the block for breakfast sandwiches and coddled eggs.

What started as a food truck in 2011, has now moved to a brick and mortar location!

Earlier this year (2017), Eggslut opened its anticipated first brick-and-mortar location inside LA’s open-air Grand Central Market. Chef Cailan can’t believe that some of his fans wait up to two hours for an Egg sandwich. “I was thinking we were going to be doing 15 covers an hour,” he laughs. “It’s crazy.”

His idea off Eggslut became a reality after he sold all his belongings.

He sold his car, which was a pretty nice car,  it was a loaded SUV (all the bells and whistles)  and had enough money for a six-month pop-up in a food truck.

He knew, coming from Portland, that coffee was going to be the biggest thing. He teamed up with a boutique coffee shop in West Hollywood and within three months of me parking there; He was able to pay all his debt. An amazing feat in this industry! Selling eggs!

He decided just to keep doing it.

“We did it for two-and-a-half years and then we teamed up with Handsome Coffee when they opened. We had a downtown market and we created a hysteria on the weekends at Handsome Coffee with the food truck in their place,” said Cailan.

And the rest, as they say, is gastronomical history!

“I love what I do,” Cailan says. “There’s nothing better than that feeling when you finish serving people, and everyone is happy… it makes me feel great.”

He is ready to expand in different directions as most talented Chef’s do. This isn’t his first rodeo. His goals and accomplishments will continue. He is already exploring “modern diner” concepts to break up the routine of cooking 480 breakfast sandwiches per day. YIKES!

It’s Saturday morning and after writing this post, I’m having a craving for an egg sandwich.

After a late Friday night celebrating into the wee hours of Saturday morning at a friend’s birthday which  consisted of a few shots of tequila(4), some brewskis, munchies, and oh yes a chocolate fondue buffet.

I’m craving a comforting pita grilled western egg sandwich to coat my belly this morning.

I’m at Johnny’s Diner my favorite Eggs sandwich street corner.

Seriously, menu item descriptions play an important part of your restaurant’s success.

Creating a visual experience with words for your guests is one sure way of getting them to order your food.

Another way is it to show off your food!

Here’s a post that will delight your EYES!

Oh, by the way, I believe the food truck crossed the street first!