Creating Your First Restaurant Menu

The menu is the most critical internal sales tool!

It is your primary means of representation.

A well-planned and designed menu can help any restaurant achieve its worthwhile goals and, most importantly, keep your customers coming back.

The key to an excellent first menu is a practical menu design!

Not only something to entice your customers but is functional and flexible.

Today, a particular art and psychology are involved in planning menus regarding the structure and item placement for maximum profit.

When planning your first menu, you must remember it sets the tone and atmosphere of the restaurant.

It can be the only reason why people keep coming back.

Descriptions, layouts, and colors should match your restaurant concept, location, and theme, whether formal, casual, or playful.

Menu Descriptions

Your menu descriptions allow your restaurant to differentiate itself!

The descriptions encourage customers to order and set expectations for their meals.

Instead of reading menus word for word, consumers scan them.

When guests open a menu, their eyes search for focal points.

Most diners spend about two minutes, so the menu has minimal time to convey its message.

Studies have shown that 60-70% of sales come from fewer than 18-24 menu items.

The look of your menu plays a significant role in the overall dining experience.

Make your guests crave your cuisine with attractive menus featuring images, illustrations, and detailed descriptions of your items.

It might seem obvious, but one of the best ways to get ideas for your menu is to dine at other restaurants.

Until this day, I still collect menus!

You can pick up many tips and ideas from even one visit.

Gaining first-hand knowledge of their menus, service, and decor can give insight into why they’re so successful.

Maximize Your First Restaurant’s Profits Through Menu Engineering

Menu engineering is about influencing your guests to order the items you want.

While menu engineering is mainly used for restaurant paper menus.

It is equally applicable to menus posted online, drink menus, specials on table tents, and items on menu boards.

Simply put, menu engineering aims to encourage purchasing of targeted items.

Presumably, the best things, and to discourage the purchase of the most miniature good items.

Every little decision makes a big difference when creating “Your Restaurants Menu,” your most important marketing tool.

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