Congratulations It’s Your Restaurants First Menu

I congratulate you on your first menu, I hope you did your research and developed recipes that will please your customers.

A menu is an art form that must please.

For it to please it must satisfy your customers!

Have you answered some of the questions below before you go to print?

What do you want guests to feel when they see your restaurant and menu?







What types of restaurant menus will you need?

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails, wine list, specials, catering, delivery.

Who are your guests?

Are they male, female, or couples?

What are their ages?

Where do your target customers live?

Are there any socio-economic, ethnic, or religious factors that might affect the menu?

There is a lot to research before creating your first menu as you can see from just some of the questions above.

How Do People Read a Menu?

A study by San Francisco State University discovered customers read menus just like books, starting from the left and reading down before looking to the right page.

Understanding how people will look at and read a menu helps.

It helps you place your enticing dishes in the right spot to help people decide what to eat at your restaurant.

Your Restaurant Menu Should Make People Hungry!

It must get their taste buds salivating!

You must spend time and effort, creating a delicious menu.

The menu represents your cuisine and engages with the customers reading it.

One of the first things a customer looks at before deciding to eat at a restaurant is the menu.

So, if your menu looks bland, the customer is likely to think the same about the food and decide to dine elsewhere.

Your menu is a valuable tool to entice people into your restaurant, and as all your dining customers will be reading your menu, you need to take some time to create an exciting and worthy menu.

The best menus have personality and are a visual reputation of the restaurant’s cuisine.

A well-planned and designed menu can help any restaurant achieve its goals. More importantly, keep your customers coming back to try more of what’s on it. The key is to create something to entice your customers but be efficient and flexible.

Do You Need Help with Your First Menu?

If you need help, I can show you how to create menu selections that deliver flavor and visual appeal.

And targeted food cost, profit, and the consistency your customers will expect.

How to Develop a Profitable and Tempting Menu

My book  goes over the following:






Before you finalize and go to print on your FIRST MENU, please check out my book!

Save yourself money and time you can’t afford to waste!!!