Common Problems New Restaurants Experience Part 1

If your restaurant is new, maybe only a few months old, you may be dealing with everyday problems unique restaurant experience.

I’m here to tell you it’s NORMAL.

Until you get out there and start a restaurant yourself, there is no way to know ALL the challenges that can happen early on in your business.

Many new restaurants or, for that matter, most new businesses will have unexpected problems!

I know from my years of being an owner, the beginning phase of your business is nothing but one big learning CURVE.

The THREE Common Problems New Restaurants Experience

You are likely dealing with one, two, or all three!

The three common early problems are the Menu, Service, and Atmosphere.

In this week’s post, I will cover the most common problem, your FIRST MENU!

Creating the right menu for your startup restaurant is a delicate balancing act.

It is almost impossible to have your first menu written in stone.

Are there too few or too many items?

Is there a coherent theme to the menu and style?

Do we have a variety of items to please a variety of customers?

Are the dishes under or overpriced?

Keep in mind your menu is an evolving project that will change over time! 

It May Take a Few Months Before You Can Finalize Your FIRST Menu

These are questions you can only get answers to if you have been open for at least 3 or 4 months and have a POS system in place.

POS stands for Point Of Sale, a system it is used throughout the restaurant and retail industry.

~What sells

~What doesn’t

~ Who’s your customer base

This computerized system allows owners to track sales, cash flow, and food inventory

Your POS systems allow for usage reports on individual menu items.

The 6 Best POS Systems of 2020

They can tell you exactly how many menu items you sold over some time. As you review your menu, look for items that aren’t selling as well as others.

Do you need to keep them?

Which items are doing well?


There are research avenues available as you change and adjust your menus. Each year the National Restaurant Association publishes its annual Culinary Forecast, which outlines current and popular food trends for the coming year. It is an excellent resource for finding delicious menu inspirations.

How to Develop a Profitable and Tempting Menu

Ask yourself, what problem do I want to solve?

More specifically, what would I like to make better or easier about my menu?

If you’re looking for opportunities to learn, feeling stuck in your startup?

My resources, experience, and valuable insights can help you solve your new restaurant’s problems.

Do not wait one more day in a state of confusion and desperation!

Check out the resources and success steps that have helped me in my successful food industry journey.