How Being a Clueless New Restaurant Owner Paved My Way to Success – I’m Not Buying it!

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How Being a Clueless New Restaurant Owner Paved My Way to Success – I’m Not Buying it!

Clueless I don’t think so Mr. Aaron Silverman!

Before going any further I wanted to say, it doesn’t happen often but once in a while I come across an article that rubs me the wrong way.

It just doesn’t seem  right for Mr. Aaron to define himself as clueless when it’s obvious he is far from it. Take his quote below for instance!

“In my life as a cook, I’ve worked for great chefs, from David Chang to Sean Brock, Marco Canora, and George Mendes, but transitioning into a restaurant owner, I had no clue what I was doing. When we opened Rose’s Luxury, none of us had any idea what we were doing.” Aaron Silverman is the chef and owner of Rose’s Luxury in Washington, DC, voted best restaurant in America by Bon Appetit magazine.

I’m not buying it!

Here’s why, he worked for great chefs and surrounded himself with a staff that was tooled in some great restaurants as well. I believe he had more than enough experience and staffing artillery to become a success, regardless if he had never owned a restaurant.

That’s how most of us start out,  working in restaurants (some of us work in many) and when we feel it’s time to go out on our own (some of choose to be entrepreneurs) we believe we are ready.  We know down deep inside it won’t be without  ups and downs in the very beginning.

silverman (1)

He’s not giving himself or his staff the credit they deserve. The reason why they were able to make many of the right  decisions as they went along was because of their past experiences as worker bees!

“Silverman came to DC because he feels it fosters that sort of creativity. He was seeking a good quality of life for himself and his future employees, and he felt that DC had the right mix of ingredients to support the sort of venture he sought to create.”  Mickey McCarter-reporter for We Love DC a locally-owned DC news

He and his staff are fantastic examples of people who retained their restaurant experience and let their passion for the business do the steering as they charted unknown ownership territory.

The point I’m really trying to make here, is that working in a restaurant and doing the job is the best way to become a first time successful restaurant owner.

The truth is he paid his dues!

Clueless is really not the way to describe himself or his staff.

If he and his staff had not experienced working and opening restaurants during their employee days, no way in hell would they have been awarded the best restaurant in America by Bon Appetit magazine let alone become a successful first time restaurant owner.

Ok I’ve stated my case to the jury of those who have a desire to be a first time restaurant owner.

I’m sure when you read this article by Chef and restaurant owner Aaron Silverman; you’ll see the importance of working in the industry before jumping into the restaurant ownership ring!

Many of the decision they made may have appeared to be off the top of their heads but down deep inside they knew what would work and what wouldn’t years of restaurant and people experience was in their corner.

Don’t be fooled it’s not a guessing game that makes people successful. Most of the time it’s having recalls of  past experiences be it good ones or bad, those kinds of lessons will help you  succeed. If you are determined and passionate about becoming a business owner, experience is one sure way to get there.

He wasn’t an experienced restaurant owner but he certainly was an experienced Chef. He worked at enough places to finally have the confidence to venture out on his own.

It’s important to gain as much knowledge and experience in any business venture you want to own.  

Many people despite their lack of experience can become successful also but the odds are certainly not in their favor!

Don’t be clueless get the resources, tools and above all work in the business before you set out and own one!

Click on the picture below. Read the article, see if you agree with me that the word CLUELESS isn’t the right choice Chef Aaron used to describe himself and his staff.






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