Clearly This Is Not 1999 & Not Your Father’s Butcher Shop

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Clearly This Is Not 1999 & Not Your Father’s Butcher Shop

One of my friends called me up one day and asked if I could help out at the Meat Market/Specialty Food Store/Catering Services she was working at.

It was 1999 and the millennium was approaching and their catering department was in the weeds and she said if I had the time she would make it worth while (she was the accountant/administrator for the business) if I could come on board for two weeks through the holidays.

I said sure I was taking a break from the restaurant business and was giving guitar and voice lessons (my other career) that I’m passionate about, two arts in one lifetime how lucky can one Chef get!

My schedule was open and I was more than happy to get them through the holiday catering season, an experience I’m all to well versed in, I felt their pain. I was glad to help a friend and help a catering kitchen get through one crazy time period-“Happy 2000”…Just so you know I stayed for 2 years-longest catering event I ever had.

Why did I stay on you ask, the place was in disarray and I knew my friend had an ulterior motive, it wasn’t just to get them through the holidays. She knew once I saw how disorganized and a mess the place was, I would have a difficult time walking away. She was right, but that is a story I will save for another post.

After selling my catering business and staying on for a few months to make the transition from one owner to another smooth and without a hiccup, I had started to realize how much I enjoyed consulting and developing a brand.

I began working with restaurants and catering businesses, giving them face lifts or creating catering services that were needing to be added to restaurants.

I didn’t really think it would last but some how word got around and I found myself with one foot in the restaurant business and one foot in music, being and instructor and being an owner in a music store. Don’t tell me you can’t love two careers at the same time.

I’ve gotten off the beaten track here but I wanted to give you some background before I re-entered the BUTCHER shop.

old fashioned butcher shop

If you think about it, butcher shops are pretty gruesome joints. Animal carcasses and humans in blood-soaked aprons, carving, slicing, cutting and band sawing, away at old MacDonald’s animal family.

But there’s a new kind of butcher shop I read about coming to Berkeley that is radically changing, or at least slightly altering, the traditional perception of butcher shop. It will be a concept vegan deli-style food retailer. The Butcher’s Son, which he describes as an “old New York- style butcher shop/ deli.”-Peter Fikaris-co-owner

Vegan Deli butcher

The space at 1820 Solano Ave.,was left vacant by La Farine bakery in July and The Butcher’s Sons new-concept is moving in and opening its doors this spring.

Solano Avenue is heavily-traveled and is located in a California college town. The Butchers Son will be one of the nation’s first all-vegan butcheries.

“I feel like what we are doing is a new, trendy younger concept. I feel like the people interested in what we are doing, are either living in North Oakland or Albany, El Cerrito – and nobody (else) is bringing this type of concept over to Solano.”-Peter Fikaris

They have obviously done their homework locating in an area that is in need of something trendy and different.

Nobody is bringing this type of concept over to Solano!

A deli and butcher shop concept are nothing new BUT their theme a Vegan Butcher Shop – is what sets them apart from the pack.

The theme is a blend of food, atmosphere, and service.

Yes they will have to prove themselves!

Being different at least gives them a chance to do just that.

The strong armed vegetarians will definitely give them a shot and the curious foodies will venture to the place because their always up for trying something different.

Why call a vegan deli The Butcher’s Son?

“The idea is this is an evolution from the old way of thinking by a younger generation. Let’s not eat animal products, let’s be more health-conscious. The Butcher’s Son still has the skills but is evolving,” said Fikaris-Co Owner

I love a Concept that takes on a Theme that blows people away!

This is by all accounts, is going to rock the carnivorous world on their carcass.

egg plant anatomy

I’m not Vegan, I do love my vegetables and eat more of them then meat in general but I’m all for standing out among your competition and doing what you love and are passionate about. If that means opening a Vegan Deli/Butcher Shop MORE POWER TO YOU! Just have you Brine’s, recipes and signature items down pat, before trying to be a hot dog!

Check this out, there’s already one in Minneapolis. I know what you’re thinking, this is crazy.

Maybe maybe not!

Clearly This Is Not 1999 & Not Your Father’s Butcher Shop

vegan butcher shop in Min

“We started The Herbivorous Butcher to bring small-batch, locally-sourced, all-natural meat alternatives that are always fresh, flavorful, and protein-rich so you never feel like you’re sacrificing anything for healthy and ethical eating.” –Brother and sister duo Aubry and Kale Walch owners of The Herbivorous Butcher’s in Minneapolis

vegan meat and cheese sampler.

So what’s going to make your restaurant and food special?

Do you have any competitive advantages?

Determine what your competitors are doing to differentiate themselves.

According to Technomic’s (a research and consulting firm servicing the food and food-service industry) most recent Menu Report,  said 83 percent of consumers say cravings are the main reason they purchase food away from home at least once a month.

How to Cultivate Crave Ability, Technomic advises, by developing and refining “unique signature items” that have the power to transform guests into regulars.

Every food-service operator should offer something unique and different. 

Continued success to The Herbivorous Butcher and The Butcher’s Son – you’re unique and different all right, now put you test to the palates…Seems like you’re off to a fantastic start…






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