An 80-Seat Fast-Casual Restaurant “Just Be Kitchen” Looks To Open 20 In The Next Decade!


That’s a pretty tall order!

So how are they going to accomplish such a feat?
Partner In “Just Be Kitchen” Jennifer Peters said, “Diners today are choosing the low-carb, paleo way of eating or avoiding gluten as a lifestyle choice, that’s here to stay. They may be seen as buzzwords, but more and more people are being diagnosed with food intolerances.”
I’m impressed with the direction these two culinary experts are taking, of course, their desire and concern to serve healthy food can’t go without recognition.
They are business minded, aware of the industry and the direction it is taking. They take their careers and goals seriously. This is why they are going to be successful.
If you’re going to be a  successful restaurant startup it is necessary; you have a clear understanding of the industry and where gaps in cuisine exist in your local restaurant community. 
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Peterson and Baird saw a gap in their local market for healthy fast-casual. 
And so “Just Be Kitchen” was born!
And their goal is to have 20 more in the next decade!!!



Jennifer Peterson

CEO & Co-Chief Foodie Officer


                            Carrie Baird

Culinary Director & Co-Chief Foodie Officer

You have to know what is happening in the industry and in your restaurant community.
Owners, Peters and Baird did their homework and are ready to grow their concept -“Fast Casual” and their theme-Health and Wellness and anticipate it growing in leaps and bounds!
Why do they feel they can have 20 “Just Be Kitchen’s” in the next decade?
Let’s look at the cuisines and trends their restaurants are going to serve and offer.
You don’t have to look too far check out what is in and on shelves in supermarkets, and health food markets, recipe books, health and cooking channels to name a few.
Just Be Kitchen owners, saw these trends and are filling a need in their restaurant community and they know it’s more than just a fad!
It is a trend one that is here to stay, and they are going to take it to the people who are wanting it and most importantly those who need it to live a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle!

Here Proof!

Paleo Diet I have been hearing and reading about this diet for years since I’ve been trying to maintain my unrealistic high school weight (sound familiar)!  When on the Paleo you are more likely to eat a clean diet without additives, preservatives, or chemicals. There are anti-inflammatory benefits from the plant nutrients in fruits, vegetables, oils, nuts, and seeds. It is a fact inflammation is a primary cause of many diseases and Arthritis being one of them, which comes in many painful forms. You or someone you know is suffering from such issues.

Gluten Free I see this down every isle in the supermarket and on all restaurant menus. Individuals who have celiac disease require a gluten-free diet for health reasons. The ingestion of gluten in these individuals causes damage to intestinal cells and can lead to potentially serious health problems.
People who experience an adverse reaction to gluten but do not have celiac disease may have non-celiac gluten sensitivity (also called “gluten sensitivity”). In this condition, the problems caused by gluten are not as extensive as in celiac disease, but for both conditions, the only treatment is a gluten-free diet.
There are misconceptions about the gluten-free diet as a way to lose weight, or as a “healthier” diet for the general population. These claims are unfounded.
The gluten-free diet is healthier for people with gluten-related disorders, but there is no evidence that it is beneficial for people who do not have these conditions.

Regardless of this unfounded evidence, there still is a population that experiences this serious health problem, and that is why “Just Be Kitchen” developed a paleo and gluten-free menu, and aims to create a place where those with allergies and food intolerances can feel well and welcome.


The restaurant is completely grain and gluten free, and refined sugar is off the menu.

Here is some of their delicious
Paleo and Gluten Free menu selections!

They are offering a Bone Broth Bar, which allows guests to build their own mug, pint or 32-ounce bowl with various types of broth made from the bones of animals that were grass fed and raised on pastures. The topping options are garlic, ginger, parsley, turmeric or scallions.

The restaurant plans to add a grain-free spirits program to bring alcohol into the mix shortly.
Their theme highlighting wellness is reflected with inspirational quotes on the walls and a chalkboard where guests can answer the question: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

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It is a great restaurant example to follow!

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