Busy At Work Busy At Play Food Trucks Make People Happy Every Day

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Excerpts from a Time Magazine Article

We live in a fast paced world and more people are buying fully prepared meals rather than making them. Many people, especially those in their 20’s and 30’s, are relying on food vendors, delis and restaurants for their daily meals. This includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

People in their 30’s and late 20’s are not caught up with trying to impress people by going to the most luxurious establishment and throwing money around”. He continued: “It’s about getting really good ingredients made with care”. Food Vendor

People have little time to stop and prepare a conventional home-made, sit-down meal. They are opting to pick up breakfast on the way to work in the morning. At noon they step out and grab a quick bite from a nearby street vendor, deli, restaurant, fast food joint, or sandwich bar. In the evening, they often grab a take-away meal to quickly scarf down before heading off to the gym or out to the clubs.

Busy At Work Busy At Play Food Trucks Make People Happy Every Day

To satisfy the growing demand for street food, Food Trucks are springing up everywhere to serve the hungry masses of consumers. 

All kinds of foods are being served? The list is endless.  Some Trucks are making gourmet hot dogs using ethnic flavored sausages on fancy buns. Others are cooking crepes with a host of tasty fillings.

Another vendor quoted in Time magazine opens his vending trailer window at 9:00 AM and is finished by 1:00 PM. No working late nights or weekends for that vendor. He plans on expanding his business by adding more trailers.


Thinking about whether to go eat at the nearest Food Truck or perhaps you want to Own One? Your not alone!!!

Food Truck Revolution

History Of The Food Truck Business


It might seem as though the food truck business is one that has emerged only in recent days, this is far from the truth. Looking back at history, you can see that mobile food has always been available. 

The mobile food truck business began as early as the days of the chuck-wagon.

The Food Trucks and Stands of TODAY !

Food Trucks have come a long way, with new technology that has help provide consumers with all types of food.

There are over 3 million food trucks in the United States alone. This number continues to grow as people begin to see the value of mobile food and the mobile food market.

There is a Hunger for Good Meals at Fair Prices –  Where Ever You Are!

There are more niches and more possibilities to grow a successful mobile food truck business than ever. Plenty of time to stake your claim and territory in this growing marketplace.


Some people think that being everything to everyone is the way to build and maintain a customer base.

It’s really how you stand out, that makes you special in the food service market as I have been saying through out my R.T.A.M.C.S. website. Same goes for a Food Truck.


What does it take to run a food truck?

I would start here=>foodtruckr-artwork


Busy At Work Busy At Play Food Trucks Make People Happy Every Day

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