Burgers, Hot dogs, and Fries a Sweet Spot in Fayetteville Oh My!

The Russells started their food truck about nine years ago.
They had always wanted to open a restaurant, but a truck was more cost-effective.

They saw an uptick in business since the COVID-19 pandemic began to grow.
R Burger began parking in neighborhoods and other areas to present an alternative to going to an indoor restaurant.
During the COVID-19 crisis, Russell said, “R Burger has donated meals to the Fayetteville Police Department and Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.”

Like most food trucks, R Burger posts its schedule on its Facebook page and its website.
Its regular locations include Southern Regional Area Health Education Center.
Dirtbag Ales on Corporation Drive in Hope Mills to name a few locations.
They worked hard to gain customer loyalty!
Their food truck is now finally, expanding into a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Timing is everything!

Mary Russell said it took the couple about four years to find a location before signing the lease on the Person Street property in February.
“The price was better than most and it had the layout we needed because it was a hamburger/hot dog restaurant prior,” she said.
Robert said the location provides space for their business to grow.
“We have a place to park our truck and plug it in and really maintain it here,” he said. “The dining room allows us the ability to serve quite a few people because it’s a split dining room. We can do private events, we can do private parties, so it’s bigger than what we, I’m sure, planned on.”

The food truck, R Burger has become known in the Fayetteville area for its specialty burgers and homemade ranch sauce.
I repeat specialty burgers and homemade ranch sauce!
When we talk about a sweet spot in the food business think special sauce.
Their burgers are popular, but that Ranch Sauce has helped put them on the map in more ways than one!
The ranch they use is their own… nice thick hearty style!
Sometimes the secret to attracting customers is finding your restaurant SWEET SPOT!

Create an item or items on your menu that are great, delicious, and can’t be found at your competition.
In the restaurant industry or any industry for that matter, you must have something you can brag about, something you know people are desiring and searching for.
Finding something within your cuisine that can make you a sought-after restaurant. In their case, it was a food truck.

Know What Your Restaurant Is Going to Be Good At!

The right sauce can turn pasta, pizzas, and wings from run-of-the-mill to out-of-this-world. And at the same time turn your restaurant into the most popular place on the block!
Whether topping pizza dough, pasta, or drenching chicken wings the sauce is the clincher, the icing on the cake or YOUR SWEET SPOT.

Whatever your sweet spot whether it’s the sauce, cupcakes, Sushi, prime rib, Philly steak cheese sandwiches, etc. you must find customers searching and wanting your sweet spot.
Once you find that perfect match and can consistently satisfy them, you have a customer for the life of your business.