Branding, Marketing & Advertising Your First Restaurant

I’ll go over the three areas that are crucial to restaurant success – Branding Marketing and Advertising.

I’ve decided to break this post into a three-part series.

These three factors can make or break your venture, so it’s essential to understand the role each one plays.

It is especially important if this is your first experience with opening a restaurant.

When you start any business or a restaurant, you need to need to know how you’re going to position yourself to reach potential customers.

Let’s face it the restaurant industry is a crowded and competitive space.

How can you entice your restaurant customers when there are so many options for diners when looking to eat out?

And then once they have become your guest, how can you make sure they’ll keep coming back?

The answer to these questions and more, a strong restaurant brand, which leads me to this week’s post!


In the successful food industry, brands all have one thing in common, they know who they are, what they stand for, and where they’re going.

Take a second and let that soak in!

Building a memorable restaurant brand isn’t as simple as you might think!

It requires a concentrated effort to have a sustainable restaurant business with a loyal customer base.

Successful branding can set your restaurant apart, giving your guests a memorable experience time and again.

What Is a Restaurant Brand?

It’s way more than designing a restaurant logo.

Ultimately, your restaurant brand is how you want your customers to remember you, from the moment they walk into your business to the second that they search for you online.

The brand is reflected everywhere, from the vibe of your restaurant to how you conduct your social media accounts. It’s important to create a cohesive visual brand.

Your unique brand is one of the most valuable tools of your business.

Your brand guides decisions made in your restaurant.

Stay true to your restaurant’s mission, vision, values, and purpose by successfully branding it.

What Does A Restaurant Brand Do?

Restaurant branding communicates your restaurant’s personality and identity.

A restaurant brand expresses the values and mission of your eatery, and it influences your concept and ambiance.

A well-thought-out brand creates an emotional connection with guests.

Your brand should be recognized from entering your restaurant and should stay through your service style, type of food, and marketing efforts.

Not only does quality restaurant branding increase loyalty, but it also attracts new guests to your brand through marketing.

Example of  Restaurant Branding 

Ruby’s Diner

Walk into Ruby’s Diner, and you feel like you entered Happy Days!

Ruby’s Diner features, shiny laminate booths, and servers wear 50’s-inspired outfits.

The diner menu offers a range of classic diner food, like burgers, fries, sandwiches, and milkshakes. Ruby’s Diner brand expresses a nostalgic vintage ambiance.

While all locations have that retro personality and serve similar menus, each diner adds personal touches based on the surrounding location.

Ruby’s Diner opened its doors December 7, 1982, on Balboa Pier in Newport Beach, California. Who would have thought a small walk-up shack sitting on the end of a pier surrounded by the Pacific Ocean would be the start of something BIG?

This small shack was converted to a diner reminiscent of times gone by.

Ruby’s Diner offered the highest quality burgers, shakes, and fries with a name as simple to remember as its menu. And, with a service motto of “Only the Best for Our Guest”!

Soon guests were visiting from near and far, wowed by an experience that was remarkable, memorable, and fun. As news spread and business grew, Ruby’s Diner began to expand both its menu and locations.

Now, with locations throughout Southern California and cities across America, Ruby’s has become the local diner serving up memories.

They serve the highest quality breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in sparkly clean dining rooms with the friendliest service around.

Don’t know where to begin when branding your restaurant?

Your Favorite Places Is a Great Place to Start

Take a close look at some of your favorite branded restaurants can help you identify the elements that appeal most to you.

Analyze the way those restaurants make you feel.

What specific qualities are contributing to that feeling?

You can then begin to piece together aspects that you want to include in your restaurant branding efforts.

Learn More About Branding Your Restaurant Through Your Theme

Your theme is your identity!

It is how you connect with your customer, on a personal level, and how you deliver appetite satisfaction. 

The importance of how a restaurant looks feels, and represents its brand affects pricing, menu, equipment, location, and other requirements. This lecture helps you establish a theme and discusses examples of restaurants that are successful and have been successful because they have created a theme that naturally attracts the audience they want.


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graphic for how to create a restaurant theme