What Menu Item Will Make Your Restaurant Famous?

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The Ideal Menu Offers A Unique Dish

One That Will Make Your Restaurant Famous

What Menu Item Will Make Your Restaurant Famous?

A restaurant menu is more than just a list of food with prices.

I  always choose a restaurant when I’m going out to eat that has a menu item I LOVE!

It may have more than one, but it comes down to that one item that makes my mouth water at the thought of it.

Don’t YOU have that favorite dish and “go to” restaurant?


Have you watched Guy Fieri from Food Network that wild California Dude that travels to Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives around the United States looking for that famous menu item, recipe, and or cuisine that makes restaurants famous?

I dig that he focuses on small, independent places featuring traditional American-style, such as barbecue, smoked meat, hamburgers, deep-fried food, pizza, steak, and bacon-and-egg breakfast, regional styles, or ethnic specialties.

He interacts with the customers, to get their opinion on the food and they all say the same thing “I come here because of this dish or style of cuisine that the restaurant serves.”

Your Menu Should Offer A Unique Dish

One That Will Make Your Restaurant Famous

Nathan’s beef franks aren’t just famous – “they’re a way of life”!

The World-Famous Fries at McDonald’s cannot be matched!

Outback Steakhouse Bloomin’ Onion is an addiction!

The above menu items come from franchises, and there are plenty more such as Carvel soft serve ice cream, Pizza Hut Pan Pizza, Carrabba’s is the next best place to eat if you weren’t raised by a mean Italian cooking Mama just to name a few famous eateries.

But what about those independent places featuring traditional American-style, such as barbecue, smoked meat, hamburgers, deep-fried food, pizza, steak, and bacon-and-egg breakfast, regional styles, or ethnic specialties.

You know the one you might be thinking about starting!

Right now you should be working on and developing that famous menu item(s)!

If you have that famous menu item or cuisine Good for You!

You may be on your way to success!

If you are still working on it some of the examples below might get your wheels turning and your tongue salivating!

Here are some of those independent restaurants that are rocking the food world in their backyard!

I’m proud to say this first one is in my backyard of St. Pete Florida “A hole-in-a-wall” ALL vegan restaurant their menu “Kale-lemon Me Softly Burger”  has been chosen to compete in a James Beard Blended Burger Contest.

The Cider Press Cafe in St. Petersburg has been nominated for a creation that could fool a committed omnivore.

Can you imagine a kitchen where you never lift a frying pan or flip something on the grill?

The alternative style restaurant is up for major recognition, for its “Beyond Meat” burger patties made of plant proteins.

The elaborate creation is the only vegan option on the prestigious list in the James Beard Blended Burger Contest.

“I’ve always wanted to do something with the James Beard competition just being in restaurants. I never thought it would be a burger,” Chef Nate Bohn said. “It’s pretty cool to have some little vegan place from St. Pete be in the top 20 I think is insane,” Bohn says the Cider Press café is the perfect outlet to try something plant-based that still resembles the look and texture of meat. Not only will your body thank you for taking a break from animal meat, but so will the environment, Bohn says.

What happens when a food truck cracks open a hard-boiled egg?
Coop D’Ville



You get -Karl Mohler -Owner and chef de cuisine of Wicked Chicken’s Deviled Eggs, a food truck and catering business based in Zephyrhills, FL.

So what’s his famous secret?

He won’t tell, but it starts with no mayonnaise!

Traditionally, deviled eggs consist of a creamy combination of cooked egg yolk, mayo, mustard and sometimes vinegar. The wildest most people usually get is by adding relish or olives, and a friend of mine’s Mom tops her’s off with caramelized onions which are delicious by the way.

Chef Mohler creates a base for the filling which changes on a case-by-case basis but has included things like Thai red curry, coconut milk, and lemongrass and folds in the cooked egg yolk to create the filling. The result is eggs packed with tastebud explosions that, while unexpected, are also devilishly good.


He has made 45 funky flavors altogether, ranging from jalapeno popper, chili cheese corn and Green Eggs ’N’ Ham, to chips and salsa, pimento cheese and guacamole.

Yes, Deviled Eggs has made this Chef and his food truck FAMOUS!

To those of you still trying to come up with a famous menu item, take a little time to find out what those other local restaurant owners are up to with their menus. 

Your menu is just one of the essential tasks that must be done when starting a restaurant, but there is so much involved in starting a restaurant; it’s easy for entrepreneurs to lose focus unless guided.

I hope this post has helped you focus on how vital a menu item (s) can be. With the competition so fierce in this industry, you must have something different or better than your competitor.

You will find trusted restaurant startup resources designed to help you during the birth of your business on my site.

Please sign up for my weekly posts, check out our resources and my just released e-course.

Good luck and if we can help you become famous let us know!



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