What Does Food Service Warehouse Know About Pairing Wine-A Lot

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What Does Food Service Warehouse Know About Pairing Wine -A Lot!

Since June of 2006, FoodServiceWarehouse.com has had one single business goal in mind: “empowering food-service operators to make their own businesses more successful.”

They’re a different kind of food service company, they go beyond  your expectations!

Empowering food-service operators has become my goal also, since I stepped out of the restaurant ownership role and into the consulting role.

After selling my catering business and staying on at the request of the new owner (she paid my partner and I very well to continue to stay on after purchasing the business) I realized how important it was that she kept us on during a critical transition from one owner to another.

I guess you could say pairing was also a part of that plan, at least till it was time to exit and break-us apart naturally. She kept our reputation intact, knowing it would be hers at some point. Smart business move!!! Cheers!

Let’s go back to What Does Food Service Warehouse Know About Pairing Wine-A Lot!

You can tell FSW spends a lot of time researching restaurant products, equipment , and kitchen wares, constantly offering their customers up to date information on the items they are representing and selling. You must visit their site!


When purchasing restaurant equipment you want to know exactly what your getting for your money. Asking questions should be a stress less part of that spending experience.

When you speak with a rep at FSW they make asking questions a natural part of your conversation and purchase.

It’s no surprise that their information on wine pairing is shared with their customers!

They are truly in tune with what restaurant and food service operators are needing to make their business a success!

Pairing-to unite in close association with another, as in a business partnership, friendship, marriage, and WINE!

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