Vital Signs A Simplified Solution To Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue

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Are you still on the fence about whether or not to go digital in your restaurant?

Many industry insiders believe digital menu boards will reach critical mass in about three to five years.

It’s vital that you check this post out!


singage increases revenue

Vital Signs A Simplified Solution To Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue

Create better tailored opportunities for your customers!

Convey your business messaging with style and power through impeccable, highly reliable Samsung DHD Series digital signage. This innovative digital signage solution provides an immersive viewing experience by delivering crystal-clear images.

Maybe it’s time you did some in house advertising. If you’ve been advertising in papers, on the radio or cable and not seeing the results you should, spend those dollars on in house signage NOW!

You have your captive audience at your restaurant, why not remind them of what you offer, special events coming up, happy hour prices, up coming music performers, and holiday and seasonal menu additions.

This is an investment not a monthly advertising expense that you have absolute no idea how it’s really affecting your bottom line.


vital signs increase restaurant revenue

Promote your business, attract viewers and increase revenues.

Samsung DHD Series digital signage doesn’t require an additional PC or media player, even for touch interactivity.

Plus, you can easily manage the digital signage remotely from virtually anywhere using a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device.

And, with proven technology from an industry leader, DHD Series digital signage is a premium signage lineup for those who consider high durability and exceptional performance as essential.

Everything that you need included in the box to display digital signage content and live TV, SMART Signage TV displays are easy to use.

Easy to Use, Easy to Manage

  • Included PC Software for Easy, Wireless Content Management
  • Ability to Load Content via USB
  • Ability to Manage Content via Mobile App

Vital Signs A Simplified Solution To Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue


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