This is No Ordinary Improper BBQ Pig Joint

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improper pig-outside sign

This is No Ordinary Improper BBQ Pig Joint

Here’s a great example of changing up a food theme to reinvent a restaurant from going up in smoke!

I’m always delighted to find themes that bring my taste buds to attention and at the same time create a casual concept that has the ability to reinvent itself.

This is how you stay competitive and keep your customers allegiance!

The Improper Pig takes over the building that once housed Mama Fu’s, a casual Asian restaurant concept offering a menu inspired by the cuisines of Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand.

The owners of Mama Fu are a Charlotte’s Cotswold neighborhood franchise, decided to go into another direction.

They put a spin on two compatible foods and entered into a marriage that would keep their existing dining base and draw a completely new crowd of diners.

They revamped the restaurant with some changes, new paint, lighting fixtures and light-toned wood.

They put their own spin on BBQ by introducing an Asian flair.

“We wanted to play with barbecue,” he says. “At the same time, I still wanted to keep the customer base and keep the Asian flavors going.” That twist also creates a diverse menu for customers, Owner/Chef Will Bigham says.

The Improper Pig adorns a top hat and monocle and is featured throughout the restaurant.

improper Pig logo

Improper is used throughout the menu to describe options such as nachos made with house-made pimento cheese served over salt and vinegar house chips or a take on Brunswick stew that features collard greens, black-eyed peas, brisket and pulled pork.


Try some ribs, smoked chicken compete with barbecue tofu, Asian shrimp tacos, southern egg rolls (sweet potato hash mixed with collards, with spicy mustard) or Korean BBQ salmon.


Check some creative sauces whose names include Eastern BBQ, Mary B’s BBQ, Korean-style, Tong’s Thai, Teriyaki, General’s, Buffalo, Inferno, Jeff’s Mustard and Chile Manzano Hoisin.


Plans are to introduce noodle bowls in the future.

I’m confident these restaurateurs will successfully once again brand another franchise, their Improper Pig and diners will be pigging out in their new neighborhood pen before long…




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