The Next Big Thing Is A Small Causal Local Neighborhood Restaurant In Austin Still Growing Strong!

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The Next Big Thing Is A Small Causal Local Neighborhood Restaurant In Austin Still Growing Strong!


Last night I saw a plug for the Foreign & Domestic Restaurant on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. I’m not an avid follower of the show; I was just surfing channels and was definitely drawn to this husband and wife team who started this restaurant in Texas.  The Next Big Thing A Small Causal Local Neighborhood Restaurant In Austin.

Chef’s Ned and Jodi Elliot

owner Ned  chef Jodi from F and D


Just as the host of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives Guy Fieri said “they’re serving up some Eclectic International Comfort Food!”

Guy Fieri

This restaurant started with Ned and Jodi Elliot’s life savings and credit cards! I surely can relate one of my businesses Corporate Catering’s credit card was from the bank of Mom and Dad. They charged us interest just like any other lending company but it was of course a lot less than what a bank would of charged us. If you’re thinking about borrowing from family or friends be professional and be sure to let them know you will pay them interest, it is after all an investment on their part. Back to the Foreign & Domestic .

What’s the key to creating a hit restaurant? In a nutshell, it’s coming up with a new take on an old idea. That applies to anything on a restaurant menu now a days from entrees, to appetizers, cocktails and desserts. Even the county fair and festivals foods across the country are shaking things up, chocolate covered bacon, is it going to put turkey legs out of business lol. Not really!


f and d menu while they lastToday blending creativity and innovation is the key to bringing existing menu items into the ‘Wow” factor. Like a junkie is constantly chasing that first high, chefs and restaurant owners constantly chase the next big mouth-watering delight.

Their natural ability to do many things from scratch with ingredients outside of today’s normal realm, inside their kitchen walls is what is making them stand out from the pack! Big Way

f and d turtle brownies f and d's famous popovers chicken-biscuit1-752x500

I was so impressed with the how Chef Ned refused to respond to Guy Fieri’s comments about his cooking style, ingredients and recipes, he just kept on showing off his talents. Guy in his own funny way let him know he had  tools in my Camaro that can take the kitchen sink off the wall in case he wanted to add it to his recipe. That  didn’t stop Guy from munching and saying how yummy everything was kitchen sink and all…

Bottom line for 5 years Foreign & Domestic has been serving up some memorable food and followers keep coming back for more.

Let’s see why! Do yourself a favor and watch why this restaurant is excelling…

The Next Big Thing Is A Small Causal Local Neighborhood Restaurant In Austin Still Growing Strong!


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