The MEAT BALL Shop Is Owned by Two Heros!

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meatball shop

The MEAT BALL Shop Is Owned by Two Heros!


“Meatballs are part of New York, but when we asked where you could get the best meatball hero, no place came to mind. We thought we could have the best meatball hero.”- Chernow and Holzman

Six locations and the meatballs are on the roll!

In 2010, Chef Daniel returned to his hometown of New York City to team up with his childhood friend Michael Chernow and debut The Meatball Shop in New York City’s Lower East Side. The mix-and-match menu of meatballs, was an instant hit.

The two best friends were confident their concept, would be a hit, but they didn’t expected it to take off quite that quickly.


How to make a PERFECT Meatball!

meatballs in a bowl

It’s literally a ball of meat but before scooping clumps of ground meat and rolling them let’s take a step back.

Meatballs may be simple in essence, but there are ingredient methods to mixed if you really want to get them right.

That means adding ingredients to the meat with herbs and spices like garlic, onion, herbs like fresh parsley, and breadcrumbs, all of which must share the stage with beef, pork, or poultry but never steal the spotlight.

Most of us think meatballs and automatically associate them with the classics of Italian-American cooking: slow-stewed in marinara sauce, piled on top of spaghetti.

But meatballs show up in the cooking of other cultures, too, from the Middle East to South East Asia.

Meatballs often make use of less desirable cuts of meat—ones that need fine chopping and a host of add-ins to be properly enjoyed.


The Meatball Shop takes their theme very serious and their menu names/ items reflect it as well.


meatball menu

Click on the logo to visit their website.

meatball logo

Click on the book below if you want  “Great recipes and easy to make meals.

Most of the ingredients are found in your fridge and food pantry and don’t take long to prepare. 

meatball recipes


The MEATBALL Shop Is Owned by Two Heros!

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