Burger Eating Is a Habit and a Big Business

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Seems to me there’s always room and a need for a “Good Burger Joint”!

Addiction or Habit which ever you prefer when you have a craving for one  most of us have a favorite place that steers 🙂 us to that burger on a bun.

If you’re thinking about owning your own “Burger Joint” there’s enough information available to get your mouth watering and melting your passion  into a entrepreneur in the burger business. 

Turn up the heat and get researching, this blog post is the right place to start cooking!

burger on a bun

Who invented the burger that started this eating HABIT?

Hamburger started with the Tatars (or Tartars), a nomadic people who invaded central Asia and eastern Europe in the Middle Ages.

The Tatars ate their shredded beef raw, hence the name “steak tartare”!

According to one account, they tenderized their beef by putting it between the saddle and the horse as they rode. When the Tatars introduced the food to Germany, the beef was mixed with local spices and fried or broiled and became known as Hamburg steak.

German emigrants brought Hamburg steak to the United States with them.

It showed up on New York restaurant menus in the 1880s. 

There are several claims for the invention of the burger, it is most widely believed that the burger was introduced by Fletcher “Old Dave” Davis from Athens, Texas.

Fletcher began selling the ground beef patty sandwich at the amusement area, known as The Pike, at the St. Louis World’s Fair Louisiana Purchase Exhibition in 1904.

What quick-service restaurant chain first picked up the burger and served it to Customers?

The first restaurant chain to serve the burger was White Castle in Wichita, Kansas.

white castle

Some Burger Facts and Statistics!

The hamburger’s popularity exploded in the United States after World War II when burgers became the main menu item at drive-in restaurants spawned by the growing number of cars.

Besides serving as consultants and researchers to major foodservice suppliers and operators, Technomic is also home to a wealth of data on the food and foodservice industries.

Below are several important industry statistics from Technomic on BURGER eating in the USA.

Americans consume more than 14.9 billion burgers in one year (beef).

43 percent of American consumers eat burgers at least once a week. 87 percent eat burgers at least once a month.

Consumers rank quality/taste of meat, good portion size and fresh ingredients as the most appealing burger attributes.

Burgers are the most frequently ordered menu item.

Burgers account for more than 40 percent of all restaurant sandwiches consumed throughout the country.

Burger Eating Is a Habit and a Big Business


There’s a BIG Burger World out there!

A Burger Joint Inspired By You – Stand Out be Adventurous!


What ever you do be better or as good as your competition if  you want your burger to be put on a grill or flat top pedestal…

el cap burger

It’s funny how we never think too much about how many burger joints exist as long as we have our own one’s picked out!

Why should we after all, if we have a burger eating habit we know where to get our favorite prefered  quick service  burger and where to enjoy a sit down get waited on burger too. 

I live in St. Pete Fl. and when I want a burger I can trust, that’s delicious, fresh and cooked the way I like it I go to El Cap a family owned bar and grill who’s menu consists mostly of burgers.


They’ve been at it for several decades! 

If you live in St Pete, you already know.  If you visit St Pete, you must go. 

All hand made. Fresh.  Keep it simple. Cheeseburger. Fries. Onion rings.  Coke. Done.

Burger Eating Is a Habit and a Big Business



TECHNOMIC FASTEST-GROWTH FAST CASUAL CHAIN OF MORE THAN $50M: 2013: #8 in the country, 2012: #4 in the country.

I had never heard of this chain before I’ve been to California a few times ate at the famous in and out burger chain but who knew there was competition lurking I had no idea existed. 

I’d been to Santa Barbara but never knew of  the southern city Goleta located there, let alone it was the was the birthplace of the The Habit. 

Quick story- At the age of sixteen, Brent Reichard applied for his first job. The next day he was flipping burgers and making shakes.

Over the next four years, Brent and his brother, Bruce, saved up enough money to buy that very burger stand.

With a dream of bringing a better taste to the people of Goleta, they soon introduced the charburger.

With much hard work, dedication and remaining focused on one simple philosophy: “always deliver high quality food and great service at reasonable prices” Today, the Habit Restaurants, LLC (“The Habit”) operates over 89 Habit Burger Grill restaurants offering a premier dining experience, using high quality ingredients to prepare food that is fresh and made to order.

Start Cooking!

How to Open a Burger Joint

 Burger Eating Is a Habit and a Big Business



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