Say It Isn’t So Ronald McDonald-Sounds More Like An UN-Happy Meal To Me!

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Golden Arches


Say It Isn’t So Ronald McDonald-Sounds More Like A UN-Happy Meal To Me!


ronald mcdonald and golden arches


McDonald’s Is Closing Hundreds Of Stores Worldwide!

Even the largest Fast-Food Hamburger Franchise Chain such as McDonald’s has to make drastic changes in order to survive!

The McDonald’s Corporation has been the largest fast food hamburger chain for more than 60 years.

In April of 2015, they announced that it plans to shut down hundreds of stores this year. reported on April 22 that at least 700 stores worldwide are getting the ax this year. Just in the U.S.

With healthier eating becoming a popular trend, McDonald’s is looking to improve food quality with healthier chicken and close the worst performing stores mainly in the United States, China and Japan in order to boost profits.

In 2014, McDonald’s sales fell for the first time in 17 years. Some say that McDonald’s just needs to rewind time and go back to their roots when they appealed to kids with the bright, colorful atmosphere and original Happy Meal and a new and improved Ronald McDonald Mascot.

Some believe the answer to better sales and an improved reputation are healthier menu selections and an environmental sustainability framework that includes increasing store energy efficiency and recycling.

ronald mcdonald recycling

In any case, according to new CEO Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s must embrace change and try to profit once again from being in the negative for the last three months.

steve easterbrook

Embracing change is no doubt in the mix for Mickey D’s, putting the changes in motion well that’s going to take some creativity and major quality up-grades.

Where do you start?

My curiosity on what McDonald’s, foreign Country franchisees are doing abroad made me think this might be the best place to begin.

What are other country franchises doing to keep their patrons coming back again and again?

McDonald’s corporation typically allows international franchisers to modify their menus to cater to local tastes, and most overseas outlets are owned by native franchisees.


With Different Cultures Come Different Taste Bud Preferences.

The menus of fast food chains outside the U.S. are surprisingly different, and even look better.

Fast Food In France-That doesn’t even sound right!


The Mc Café Near The Louvre In Paris Has A Four Star Rating On TripAdvisor!

Most American and UK franchises incorporate the Mc Café drinks menu into the regular food menu, but the McDonald’s restaurants  in Marseille, France has an entirely separate area for the café, which looks more like a Starbucks.

They take Mc Café seriously in France!

france Mc Cafe

The menu is illustrated on colorful display boards behind the  counter, and pastries are displayed in a large display cases.

Even during McDonald’s annual Monopoly promotions, France follows suite with property names peeled off of soda cups.

monoply mcd france

I Just Ate At A McDonald’s In Spain & It Was So Much Better Than In America!


mcdonalds in spain

Canada, McDonald’s: McLobster Roll


Offered as a seasonal menu item at McDonald’s, this classic lobster roll sandwich consists of Atlantic Lobster meat, diced celery, shredded lettuce and salad dressing, all served on a hot dog-style bun.

In India, for example, a restaurant uses chicken and paneer (an un-aged, acid-set, non-melting farmer cheese or curd cheese) rather than beef and pork in their burgers because Hinduism traditionally forbids eating beef.

In Israel some McDonald’s restaurants are kosher and respect the Jewish Sabbath; there is also a kosher McDonald’s in Argentina.

India, McDonald’s: McSpicy Paneer is a sandwich balanced blend of freshly caramelized bread, tender and soft crispy coated paneer which has spicy and dairy notes, fresh crisp lettuce and creamy tandoori mayonnaise taste.


Germany, McDonald’s: Das Nürnburger


Australia and New Zealand, McDonald’s: Rosti Brekkie Wrap

A wrap with bacon, a fried egg, a slice of cheese and a potato rosti (similar to a hash brown) drizzled with BBQ sauce.


From: Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines etc. is another example of how McDonald’s international menu items are clearly thought up, here’s the Asian rice burger. No, it’s not rice between two pieces of bread. That would be silly. It’s rice formed into buns with beef or chicken between them, which makes a lot more sense.

ronald is turning japanese Rice-Burger

This sandwich is actually quite popular in Taiwan and just like the MC Lobster there have been plans to maybe make it a permanent McMenu item.

McDonald’s has invented the McShawarma for the Israeli market. It’s one of the country’s kosher menu items, and consists of turkey shawarma in pita bread. But isn’t it still basically meat in a type of bread? Well, yes, but the main difference here is that the meat is barbecued, not fried!


In 2002, 78 restaurants in Hawaii started to test out dinner sets consisting of rice, spam and eggs. It would never go over well in US though it’s actually quite popular in Hawaii.



McDonald’s is the world’s largest buyer of beef. In India the cow is considered holy.  Say hello to the McCurry Pan.


The McCurry Pan is an original, surprisingly complex McCreation made especially for the Indian market. It’s a crispy bread box of sorts (as in, a box made out of bread) filled with a creamy sauce of mushrooms, broccoli and bell peppers (there also exists a chicken version).

From: Norway-Norwegian Salmon  Burger-All the way back in 1997, McDonald’s introduced the salmon sandwich in Norway to some initial success.


From: Costa Rica  there’s Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica’s national dish which you can get at their local McDonald’s.

The dish itself is very simple basically, it’s fried rice and beans, eaten primarily for breakfast. The McD version is also served with scrambled eggs and sour cream.



Say It Isn’t So Ronald McDonald-Sounds More Like A UN-Happy Meal To Me!

I think there’s a lot we can learn from our European friends and their eating habits. Before we start closing restaurants I think it’s time we start looking abroad at what’s working and see if we can put some of their tactics to test in the states.

Part of me feels there’s something to be said about McDonald’s needing to rewind time and go back to their roots, after all Ray Kroc believed in burgers and shakes and so did our American Families.

But it’s a different time, Ray and his followers are gone!

When people are wanting a better burger, a better shake, and a healthier choice you got give them what they want.

After All The Customer Is Always Right!

Time To Bring Back A Different Happy Meal & Keep Ray Kroc’s McDreams Alive…





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