Kraft Says NO to Artificial Fillers Yes to Pure Ingredients

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I’m a salad freak and if you have a menu with a lot of salad choices the fresher and tastier your dressing the more salads you’re going to sell. I was fortunate enough to work in several kitchen’s that made their dressing from scratch, so I’m spoiled and so were our patrons. 

Pure Krafts Dressings are bringing back that home made Pure Ingredient tastes to salads such as, buttermilk, semi sharp aged blue cheese, Grey Poupon Country Dijon, aged balsamic vinegar, garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil to name a few…  

kraft new dressings

As one of the world’s largest food companies, Kraft is focused on fighting hunger and promoting healthy lifestyles around the world.

Since 2005, they’ve improved their nutritional profile on about 1,800 products, that is over a third of their portfolio. Reducing sodium, fat, and calories… They’re making sure nutritional information is clear and straightforward.

For over 100 years their food and beverages have earned the trust of consumers. That’s why they’re making the foods people love even better. And are supporting programs and partnerships that help educate and motivate people to make healthier choices.

Click on the logo to see their community involvement projects!


NO to Artificial Fillers Yes to Pure Ingredients

kraft dressing choices

kraft dressing containers


NO to Artificial Fillers Yes to Pure Ingredients

If you care about your patrons and want them to enjoy your salad selections, add some of these new dressings, they’ll be delighted that you are offering them healthier and tastier choices!

Educate your customers, they will respect you for it!!!

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