Your Restaurant Concept Is Key To your Success

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Your Restaurant Concept Is Key To your Success

The Cornell University School of Hotel Administration confirms that the most successful restaurateurs have a clear concept and the ability to implement it consistently.

Once You know that answer you have a good idea who your TARGET market is.

Knowing your target market before you start putting any plans in to action will not only help you solidify your Concept it will help determine your Theme, Menulocation, Décor and the overall Atmosphere.  

# 1 Ingredient- The Concept!

Let’s get down and dirty into the problem and point out the biggest mistake that can lead to the failure of a restaurant business.

Opening a restaurant is a very expensive venture.

Depending on the type of restaurant you want to open will decide the amount money you’ll need.

That is why we start with the concept it drives and controls the entire business.

It is what you construct you business plan with! 

It is the foundation and purpose of your restaurant.

What Is A Restaurant Concept?

The concept is often confused for the theme, it is not so lets clarify the difference. From this point on you will not confuse them as so many people do.

The definition of concept in relation to a restaurant is your business model.

Your business model reveals to your customers how the food is prepared and served.

#1- Your Concept-The Business Model

Below is a chart and the breakdown of the FIVE basic restaurant business Concept Models.

1. Fine Dining

2. Casual Dining

3. Fast Casual Dining

4. Quick Service/Fast Food Dining

5. Food Truck Dining


concept chart revised


Here are some questions that can help you determine what model business is the best fit for you.

1. Is there a type of restaurant  you see yourself owning?

2. Is there a restaurant you frequent or have dined in one that impressed and inspired you to be a restaurant owner? 

3. What kind of food will you be serving?

4. Is it a specific kind such as Mexican or do you want to offer a variety.

5. Do you have skills and experience in any style of cooking?

6. Who do you see eating at your restaurant (family’s, sports fanatics, business all kinds)?

If you can answer some of these questions you’re getting closer to nailing down your concept.


Do you know what restaurant concept you want to own?

Let’s get a visual look at each concept!

 Fine Dining

     Restaurant concepts

 Casual Dining 

 Casual Dining Restaurants

  Fast Casual Dining

fast casual restaurant

 Quick Serve/Fast Food


  Food Truck

food truck image

Validating your concept has to be done in order to develop your theme and menu.

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Starting a restaurant is just like starting any other type of business you need a thorough plan.

Your concept is the most important ingredient needed to start developing that plan.

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