Recipe for Success-Lydia’s Generations of Find Dining Restaurant Entrepreneurs

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Finding Success in Fine Dining is No Easy Task

Lydias Dining room

Recipe for Success- Lydia’s Generations of Find Dining Restaurant Entrepreneurs

Lydia’s, in Butte Montana – is a Steak, Fine Dining, and Seafood restaurant where most guests come for a romantic date or special occasion.

lydias bar and lounge

“We’re the last restaurant in Butte that still serves the traditional Meaderville-style dinner – a hybrid of Italian and American food.” “We do have a couple gourmet Italian entrees on our menu, as well, but most people come for our steak, chicken and primarily lobster – that’s the American part,” said David Micheletti. Jr.

“I remember when I was a kid some 35 years ago that my grandfather would treat the family to a fancy dinner at Lydia’s.  I didn’t realize then that I was experiencing something historic.” Trent G. Littleton , Co


Owners of Lydias

Dave Micheletti Jr., center, and his siblings bought Lydia’s from their father, David Micheletti. Since 2009, Dave’s children, Toni Marquez, left, and Nico Micheletti have run the family restaurant. Dave’s Aunt Lydia started the restaurant in 1946.

The Story- Lydia Dave’s Aunt Daughter of his immigrant grandfather became the breadwinner of her family at age 13. After washing dishes at a Meaderville club, she eventually worked her way up to chief chef at the famous local Rocky Mountain Café, and then co-owned the Savoy.

By 1946, she bought a little bar, the Casino, which sat to the south of today’s Lydia’s. She gave the place her namesake and a fine-dining legacy was born.

Lydia retired in 1966, when David Micheletti Sr., took over the restaurant. His two sons, David Jr. and Greg, worked off and on at the family business while pursuing concurrent careers.

The family dynasty goes on, but not without a set of high standards.

“We’re pretty proud of what the family has accomplished,” said Micheletti. “It’s a family tradition. As you know, in this day and age, this is a long time for a family business to still be in business.”

Finding success in the restaurant business isn’t always easy. Finding it in Fine Dining is certainly the most difficult.

It’s the highest priced type of restaurant you can operate. If you plan to own a fine dining restaurant, it should be distinctly different and higher end than other restaurants in your area.

While you may be able to make a great profit in this concept you will also pay out more money than if you were running a more casual restaurant, such as a diner or café .

Keys to Lydias Success

Ever since Dave Micheletti’s Aunt Lydia started the restaurant way back in 1946, the renowned Butte restaurant has been a mainstay of dining excellence.

Micheletti Family Business, continues in the same Tradition With Ravioli, Sauces, Dressings All made in house using “The Original Family Recipes”

“I think our key to success has been Lydia’s has always served a traditional Meaderville-style dinner,” said Micheletti, whose grandfather immigrated to Butte in the 1920s and settled in the old Italian Meaderville neighborhood. David Jr.

~ Elegant white table cloths for an upscale ambiance and an emphasis on top quality and quantity of food served.

Their Signature adorned table delight when you are seated is an array of antipasti(anchovies, salad, carrots, green onions, breadsticks, sweet potato salad, salami and cheese and pickled beets).

~ Top notch customer service. “Food is still very good. Service is good too. Went there as a youth in the late 70’s and quite literally time has stopped. The lobby bar is a very quiet place to enjoy a cocktail.”Jet F. Surprise, AZ

~ Stable, dedicated employees. “We’re very proud that on the average, we employ about 30 people at any given time.  Since 1946, Lydia’s has provided jobs for Butte citizens – literally thousands of Butte people have had employment opportunities at our business.”

Yelp Review – 4.0 star rating out 5- Overall it was a really good experience.  I have to say that this place is one of the rare gems left in America.  Experience this place before anything changes.  It truly is a blast from the past and a great overall experience, including the food. Brian L. Helena, MT


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