The “Pickled Hen” Restaurant Relishes Their Theme

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I often blog about how having an attractive and entertaining theme can help develop your restaurant’s personality and increase its popularity. In simple terms it helps you stand out in such a crowded industry.
When I came across the “Pickled Hen” and how well they connected the name throughout the restaurant, menu and logo, I thought what a great example of successfully tying it all together.
The Pickled Hen is a modern take on the great British gastropub. Located in the heart of Marylebone, in the London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch, this cozy nesting restaurant and bar is great for relaxing, have some drinks and trying some traditional British food…..with a pickled twist!

Their Menu Selections Play Homage to the HEN and the PICKLE!

The ‘Pickleback’ their signature cocktail– a shot of whisky paired with a pickle juice chaser.


‘Pickled Hen’ dish, a whole slow roasted chicken complemented by a variety of Rubies in the Rubbles, award-winning relishes for you to tantalize your taste buds with.


                                                                                 The Chicken & The Egg


                                                                                  The Pickled Cheesecake


They do realize they can’t  serve just poultry and egg only so  they also offer steak, fish, seafood and veggie options too.

English Favorite Yorkshire Pudding                                                Seafood

Eating out has become more of a socializing and entertaining experience. Having a theme is one way to attract and entertain your guests.


The Pickled Hen offers outdoor seating, tables, high tops and partial booths with comfy cushions. It has more of a nesting appeal then a caged up coop or an air tight pickle jar. It is getting very good reviews on their facebook page. Check out more of their menu and see  how their creativity is flying high above the competition.

Are You Wanting To Start A Restaurant?
It’s difficult starting a restaurant and most of the time you’re in so many different directions that you may not realize how important your theme is to your success. Your restaurant’s name should draw attention and if you can tie it into your theme it’s certainly is a bonus.
For The First Time, Americans Spend More On Eating Out Than On Food At Home according to the USDA. This statistic gives new restaurant startup owners even more of a reason to create a theme that complements the restaurant’s name. The competition is fierce you must have more than just great food to win them over and attract them into your restaurant.
The Pickled Hen is truly a great example of utilizing their name and customizing their theme around it!

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