What a Stinky Name for a Restaurant But It Works!

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The Stinking Rose A Garlic Restaurant A restaurant name is as important as deciding what type of cuisine you are going to serve. It may reflect your restaurant’s theme, its location or simply be a play on words. The name becomes part of the restaurant’s identity and personality. The important thing to consider when choosing a restaurant name is the impression it … Read More

How to Pick the Right Location for Your Restaurant

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Location is one of the biggest factors that determine your restaurants success. But before you start searching for a location here are two other tasks you must do. First-Choosing Your Cuisine Type You must decide your cuisine type, and be sure there is enough of an audience/ customers base that desire the food you’ll be preparing and serving. Second-Identifying Your Ideal … Read More

Think of Your Restaurants Cuisine & Theme As a Tag Team!

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Eating out has become a form of entertainment! Theme restaurants draw people in; not just for the food but also for the atmosphere, you offer your guests. Cuisine & Theme They can be the winning combination why people choose to go to your restaurant and not your competition. The theme not only influences the food but the architecture, music, and … Read More

Restaurants Leveraging All 5 Senses of Their Guests Increase Sales

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Restaurants Leveraging All 5 Senses of Their Guests Increase Sales Restaurants that leverage all five senses of their guests significantly increase the odds of connecting to their appetites and disposable income. It seems most restaurateurs naturally focus on sight and taste, primarily caring about how it looks and the flavor of their food. But what many don’t realize is that … Read More

Independent Restaurant Owners Can Beat Chain Restaurants

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Unlike the chain restaurants, independent restaurant owners are usually local restaurateurs who cook from the heart, with love, and with the freshest and best ingredients, they can find. Independent owners know they can do something better than the other people who are doing it, whatever that may be. They know they can make a better burger than McDonald’s can, a … Read More

Ladies Start Your Restaurants!

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The restaurant industry offers ownership opportunities to people of all backgrounds. Even during the recent years of challenging economic times, women-owned and minority-owned restaurant businesses have grown at rates well above their colleagues; in the overall economy. Ladies Start Your Restaurants! The restaurant industry offers a path to entrepreneurship that no other industry can match. In 2017, CNBC said that … Read More

Restaurant Branding Will Help You Find Dedicated Employees

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  In the restaurant industry, having a good brand and moral reputation is a way to attract dedicated employees! Make your restaurant not only relevant to customers but to employees and your profit margins will soar. A report by Running Restaurants.com found that 24 percent of people seeking jobs check out customer reviews. They want to see what people love … Read More

Name & Location Are Just As Important As Your Cuisine

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The Sky’s the Limit: Mile-High Dining in Monte Carlo Your restaurant’s name and location play a major role in attracting customers. Success is achieved by drawing customers to your restaurant as often as you possibly can. It is how you connect with your customer, on a personal level. Though I admire their entrepreneur spirit, Sky’s the Limit is out of the … Read More

Millennials Are Outspending Baby Boomer At Restaurants!

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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food data, Millennials are outspending Baby Boomer at restaurants! Having that information can solve your task of finding a target market for your restaurant that is if you want to attract millennials. Regardless of what target market you want to attract your restaurant must offer foods that fit the lifestyle of that market. … Read More