Opening A Bar Need A Liquor License?

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Opening A Bar Need A Liquor License?

Ok so you have the money and a cool idea, the only thing standing in your way is licensing restrictions.

A liquor license is required for a person, company or business that wants to sell, manufacture, import, or distribute alcohol.

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What type of establishment are you opening up?

A pub, tavern, restaurant or nightclub business? 

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Here are some common examples in which a liquor license is required:

-> Restaurants wanting to sell/serve beer, wine, cider or hard alcohol.

->Grocery stores, convenience stores, or boutique shops wanting to sell beer, wine or cider.

->Special events where alcohol will be sold.

->Special events where alcohol is not being sold, but you are charging or accepting donations for admission, or where payment is required to attend the event.

->Raffles in which alcohol will be a prize.

In many cases, you have to negotiate the purchase of an existing license to open a bar. What class of license you need to apply for depends on the type of establishment you run.

A Liquor License or Permit can vary from state to state, by name, type and location but there are several commonly used licenses.

Here are some commonly used licenses:

->Restaurant License– A restaurant license allows an establishment to sell any type of alcoholic drink provided the business makes no more than a certain percentage from drinks — usually 40 percent.

->Tavern License– Tavern licenses go to establishments that receive less than half of their sales from alcohol. You may not have to offer food in certain states.

->Beer & Wine License– Beer and wine licenses allow you to sell anything except spirits — drinks with more than 20 percent alcohol content.



->Catering License– A caterer or an outside vendor needs a liquor license.

Other Licenses

To operate any business you must get a business license from the city if it’s incorporated or the county if outside an incorporated town. You must get a zoning permit to open in a certain area and a building permit if you plan to renovate the location. If you sell food at your bar, you need a license from the city’s health department.

Liquor licenses are generally the toughest license to get!

Most communities usually tie the number of licenses in the county to its population. You should start the application processor for a liquor license as soon possible before opening your bar.

The actual money you will spend to get licenses for your bar varies by state and type of business; expect to pay more than $25,000, according to

Opening A Bar Need A Liquor License?

Are you ready to open your own bar?

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The dream of opening your own bar, restaurant or nightclub can be achieved when you are armed with the right resources.

It can be an exciting  business environment that YOU control and own.

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Good Luck & Cheers


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