How To Open One’s Pocket Is Through Your Deli Case Appeal

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How To Open One’s Pocket Is Through Your Deli Case Appeal

cooked dishes in a deli case

“The Case Has To Pop”


Live Colorful  Fruits & Vegetables for Garnish, Abundance, Freshness, Effective Descriptions & Signage, & A Clean Deli Case-BAM  !


People browsing in a deli or the deli section of a restaurant or grocery are not reading a menu! When a customer walks up to a case, he or she must be wowed by what they see.

people looking in a deli case

Maybe it’s because my very first food industry job was in a Delicatessen, a True Delicatessen…

My restaurant roots began in Lynbrook, NY. At the Lynbrook Delicatessen & Caterer.

German immigrants first established the business and passed it on to their sons. I answered an ad for a cook no experience necessary and it turned out to be the answer to my culinary dreams. The rest is restaurant history!

New York is known for its Delicatessens, and many Delicatessens outside of New York call themselves “New York-style delis” to evoke images of the traditional New York City delicatessen. manhattandeli

Just about everything was prepared from scratch at the Lynbrook Deli and had  dedicated recipe. Right from the start I learned the lesson of consistency in the food business.

One of the other lessons and experiences was replenishing and dressing deli cases. It was my very first prep job on my schedule in the morning Monday-Saturday. I took pride in it for two reason, I was involved with the preparation and cooking of the dishes and I loved making people happy with FOOD.

hot food deli case

I’m very picking when it comes to viewing cases when I’m in an establishment that has one.

Nothing turns me off more than a barren, not rotated, sloppy, dirty and ignored deli display case.

A barren, unattractive, and ignored deli case!not a good looking deli case 

Many deli kitchens prepare foods in bulk and from scratch and many recipes are portioned out for 50 to 100. If you’re not displaying an appealing case with your signature and specialty foods you’re going to lose money and patrons.

In the United States, a delicatessen store, or deli, is a type of business that could be described as a synthesis of a grocery store and a fast-food restaurant.

show and tell deli case

Your deli case represents your foods, you and your staff, get this wrong and you’ll be chasing people out the door!

I experienced working at several of the most specialized “European Delicatessens“-Jewish, “kosher style”, Italian, Austrian and German.

2nd deli old sign

That experience helped me develop the skills and strengths to become successful restaurant and catering entrepreneur.

The beginning of my career couldn’t have started off any better!

It led me to building my own successful business Corporate Catering!




Tips On How To Open One’s Pocket Through Your Deli Case Appeal…

meats in a deli case with fresh garnish

~The case always needs to look full and fresh, even if it’s not abundant with different types of products.

~Always make sure the prepared or a product looks available for sale. Example cut wedges of cheese are displayed on entire wheels, the whole wheels can look more decorative than ready to wrap, making customers hesitant to ask for the first slice.

~Make sure the garnish harmonizes with the main dish your trying to sell and present. Example when displaying Tournedos of filet mignon that are pan seared, dressed with a roasted red pepper sauce, and then topped with caramelized onions, mushrooms, roasted red pepper, and arugula set out on a white platter. Customers not only perceive restaurant-quality food, they also see a bounty of freshness.

~Abundance Sells, if there’s a little on the platters or in the case no matter how gorgeous, it most likely won’t sell.” Customers equate abundance with freshness.

~ A deli case with the power to evoke hunger pangs is one with its roasted duck breasts in a row and its description tags clean and simple. Beyond capturing the attention of the buyer with a food display, simplicity is often the key with effective signage.

~Keep it clean, I believe this is the most influential factor when it comes to a deliciously merchandised deli case and most obvious.

It sounds simple, but a spotless case is an endless challenge. It has to start with training. By making sure, each new employee works side by side with a trainer for several days. Stressing the importance of rotating and knowing when something is past it’s selling date has to be ingrained in their mind.

Making someone ill in the food industry can be deadly for the patron and the business. It may seem like a menial job but it’s far from it!

A good procedure is to start the weekend off right by pulling all items from all cases every Thursday night. Everything is be sanitized and every stray bit of cheese, meats and crumbs removed. Constant cleaning throughout the week is also critical. It’s not just cleaning what’s inside the case that’s important, it’s cleaning the actual case itself.

Deli Case Advice Spotlight

A colorful deli case with an abundance of freshly prepared foods merchandised in a pristine case is a sight worth savoring.

But there is no substitute for sampling.

Customers should taste everything before they buy it, yes this may seem tedious. The beauty of an abundant deli case full of wonderfully displayed foods may need a closing convincing argument.

The taste buds don’t lie!

Want to know more about the deli business and deli case merchandising contact us TODAY.


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