My First Big Food Truck Wedding

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My first big food truck wedding

My First Big Food Truck Wedding

Pursue Food Truck Catering Clients

Catering is one of the best ways food trucks can supplement street sales all year long.

I attended a wedding up in Gainesville Florida in November, beautiful day and the ceremony was just as perfect.The food for the event was catered by an organic food truck company called “Fed.”

FED Food Company

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food truck gainesville fl.

My very first food truck wedding experience and I imagine it was the first for many of the other guests as well.

It could not have been any more delicious!

wedding tables

My First Big Food Truck Wedding

When I saw the truck, pull up I thought  they’ll be using the kitchen facilities (thinking like the catering chef I am) in the main cabin on the land where the ceremony had taken place. However, to my surprise they had prepared, cooked and trayed all the appetizers, drinks and meal with its accompaniments right there in their “FED” food truck.

Even baked the wedding pies, Peach and Apple  made from scratch in their ovens on board the truck. Lara Colley one of the owners joked about how cold the morning was and how long it took the ovens to heat up.  It was the first real cold snap to hit northern Florida this fall. Worried that the pies would not be ready for the traditional serving of the wedding cake (pies) they kept their fingers crossed. No worries the pies were yummy and the crust was to die for!

Perfect day, perfect wedding ceremony and a perfect menu that came out of a perfect food truck kitchen…

From corporate events to birthday parties, people need food all year long—and there’s no better way for you to make up for slow street sales than with a large catering event that will serve 50 or more people at a single stop.

Plenty of people are on the lookout for food trucks that will cater, too.

Food trucks are one of today’s most popular unique, affordable, and convenient catering options.

side view of fed food truck

If you begin advertising that you’re available to cater weddings and other large events, chances are good that you’ll start getting customer inquiries right away.

Although there are a lot more food truck festivals and outdoor events happening when the weather is nicer you can still find plenty of things going on in your community if you start researching them.

Look for events like winter carnivals, concerts, holiday showcases, and Christmas tree lightings.

Even a busy outdoor shopping mall during the winter can help you find just as many customers as you would encounter at a big event.

Booking a couple events and catering parties for each month can make a big difference in your overall profit margins.

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 My First Big Food Truck Wedding

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