Muscle Maker Grill Before Health Conscious Was Cool!

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Muscle Maker Grill Before Health Conscious Was Cool!

The year was 1995

  • American rock band Grateful Dead announce break up.
  • Ebay started the online auction and shopping website.
  • DVD, optical disc storage media format, is announced.
  • Apollo 13 is in the theater.
  • OJ Simpson is found innocent.
  • Muscle Maker Grill is established



The First Health Food-Conscious Brand On The Block Before Being Health Conscious Was Cool!

“I put the entire financial future of my family on the line in a quest to make my American dream a reality. Today, I am proud to say that by being smart and doing things the right way; we have grown to nearly 60 locations operating in 11 states with 200 more currently in development.” Muscle Maker Grill’s founder, Rod Silva




Rod Silva founded Muscle Maker Grill in 1995 with the goal of offering people a nutritious alternative to fast food restaurants.


A fitness enthusiast since the age of 18, he recognized a void in the restaurant industry for tasty, healthy options.




While running a smoothie store he owned in New Jersey, Rod would bring in dishes he prepared for himself. His smoothie customers would smell the delicious aromas of his meals and started asking him what he was eating and if they could get his recipe and Rod began cooking for regular customers, hence Muscle Maker Grill was born.


We pride ourselves on creating healthier versions of your favorite foods that taste great, making it easy and enjoyable to eat healthy. In addition, we cater to all different types of healthy eating lifestyles.

For over the past 20 years, their menus have been satisfying everyone from vegetarians to the carb-free diner’s to people following a gluten-free diet. They pride themselves on a friendly, relaxed, and social environment where people can enjoy great-tasting food, learn about healthy eating and engage with other guests.


What started off as a fitness hobby has turned into a franchising restaurant success!

The First Health Food-Conscious Brand On The Block Before Being Health Conscious Was Cool!

In 2015 they partnered with MetLife Stadium, the number one grossing stadium in the world, making it the official wrap provider of the 82,500 seat venue. The partnership, which officially kicked off  on Sunday, September 20, 2015 will run through 2019.

Specifically, Muscle Maker Grill will have two kiosks in MetLife Stadium  offering guests healthier food options, including its Signature Wrap: all-natural grilled chicken breast, turkey bacon, reduced fat cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and onions with its zero-carb signature sauce; the Arizona: all-natural grilled chicken breast and turkey bacon over brown rice with tomatoes and scallions served with its zero-carb signature sauce (also available as a wrap); and its famous Turkey Chili: made with lean ground turkey, red beans, reduced fat cheddar cheese, salsa and reduced fat sour cream served over brown rice.  Guaranteed to warm up the coldest of football fans in New Jersey!

Once again an example of a theme that brands itself with a great idea, give the health conscious market what they want and they will come.

I love their menu selections, names and the nutritional facts on what you’re consuming. 

Muscle Maker Wraps

All Wraps come with a choice of side. Wraps can substitute shrimp, steak and tilapia. Your choice of side: Baked Potato, Brown Rice, Cucumber Salad, Broccoli, Western Potatoes, Fat-Free Balsamic Potato Salad, Caesar Salad or Pasta Salad.

Rocky Balboa Wrap

Power Pasta’s

Served with 100% whole wheat pasta.

Example-Sesame Chicken Teriyaki Past

Low Carb Solutions

All lowcarb solutions served over broccoli.

Example-The Tuscany, chicken breast, gluten free carb sauce and reduced fat Cheddar.


Fit Salads

Without croutons, all salads are gluten free.
Salads can substitute shrimp, steak and tilapia.

Example-Lean and Mean Cheeseburger Salad

Guiltless Entrees

Example-Arizona, grilled chicken and turkey bacon over brown rice, with tomatoes, scallions and gluten-free zero carb signature sauce.

The basic idea behind their restaurants, make already “familiar favorites” lower in calories and still keep them tasting great! It is obvious after 20 years that they have and continue to satisfy  their target market. 

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