Move Over Cup Cake, Yeast & Voodoo Are Moving In

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When I talk about the restaurants theme and menu and how it’s so important to stand out, this is an example of how to do it. Don’t be afraid to be different…

Move Over Cup Cake, Yeast & Voodoo Are Moving In


I’m not saying that the cup cake phenomenon is being left out in the rain!


cup-cake-in-the-raincup-cake-in-the-raincupcake in the rain


Move Over Cup Cake, Yeast & Voodoo Are Moving In…


Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson and Tres Shannon have taken Doughnuts to WHOLE NEW “Yeast Rising Level”.
They set out to fulfill a dream of starting a business together.

Having no Doughnut experience or knowledge about baking, icings, and fillings, they did what many entrepreneurs to be’s, should do-learn and work with the masters before venturing on their own.


They left their home in Old Town—Portland and set out to a suburb of LA in Pico Rivera California and began their apprenticeship in the art of doughnut making.

After charming some veteran, yeast wielding, flour throwing and roller pin handlers to give up their secrets, the mastering began.

Move Over Cup Cake, Yeast & Voodoo Are Moving In

Soooooon they returned to Portland where they went out on their own and began putting their voodoo you do on customer palates. Eventually opening 3 locations in Portland, Oregon and 1 in Denver, Colorado.

Don’t throw away your cup cake tins but give it a go with some dough!
It may help you rise above the rest at the next party if your kneading to bring something…different…

Well just so you know how far their DREAM has taken them and continues too, here are some tasty tidbits!


Voodoo makes Hulk Hogan doughnut for WW E’s Monday Night Raw…

hulk- hogan donought

Voodoo Doughnut has been featured on the Travel Channel’s series by Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, Man vs. Food, Doughnut Paradise. 

It was a destination in the season finale of the 13th season of The Amazing Race, 2010 television documentary The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special – In 3-D!

Jay Leno included Voodoo Doughnut in a Tonight Show opening monologue: “Did you hear about the doughnut shop in Portland, Oregon, that has caffeinated doughnuts? Yeah, I guess you can stay awake during your bypass surgery.”

The shop’s doughnuts, including the distinctive box, appeared in a fourth-season episode of the TNT drama series Leverage. This episode of the show, which films in Portland, was the first actually set in that city.

Additionally, the pink box has appeared in the second episode of season one of Grimm and the episode “Like a Virgin” of Supernatural.

Click on the doughnut to visit their site or if you live real close, go take a bite..


Take a Tour!


Move Over Cup Cake, Yeast & Voodoo Are Moving In


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