Meathead’s CEO Not Archie Bunker’s Son-In-Law Gives Good Advice

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Tom Jednorowicz CEO/Founder of Meatheads (a famous restaurant called Meatheads)

Tom Jednorowicz meatheads


Rob Reiner aka “Meathead”, Archie Bunker’s TV Son-In-Law

(for those who grew up in the 70’s he was a famous TV meathead now turned successful movie director )

Meathead’s CEO Not Archie Bunker’s Son-In-Law Gives Good Advice

   rob reeiner meathead

Meathead has certainly taken on a whole new meaning! The one thing that remains the same is they continue to be successful and famous in their own industry’s and understand their audiences/customers desires.

In my 25-plus years’ experience with consulting, owning and running restaurants and catering businesses I’ve learned and continue to learn many business lessons along the way. The one lesson I learned very early on was whatever your concept, whatever your theme and whatever your restaurant serves it has to be what your customers desire. More advice from me if you want it.

Maybe I should say it a bit differently, as to not make it sound like it doesn’t matter what you as the owner wants to create. What I’m saying is if you cook delicious Italian food and want to start an Italian casual restaurant be sure you find a target market that is in need of and wants an Italian restaurant in the area.

Don’t be a meathead and just let your ego decide where you need to open your Italian restaurant. Serve the food you are passionate about to the people who are passionate about eating it.  Be sure customers are the first priority!

Which leads me to, Meathead’s CEO Not Archie Bunker’s Son-In-Law Gives Good Advice…

3 Essentials for Building a Restaurant Brand

by: Tom Jednorowicz CEO/Founder of Meatheads Restaurants

Before I send you to this blog which by the way is a good bit of advice all restaurant owners should abide by not just first time owners. It’s important to continue learning your craft. Listening to successful restaurant owners is something first-time restaurant owners NEED to do if you want to be successful too. Experience is lessons well learned…Enjoy!


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