Living On Sponge Cake Never Looked Soooo Good On Jimmy Buffett!

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jimmy buffett sitting on sponge cake

Living On Sponge Cake Never Looked Soooo Good On Jimmy Buffett!

Buffett has taken advantage of his name and the fan following for his music to launch several business ventures. And I’m not knocking his music or his fans! I like his music and some of my close friends are Parrot Heads!

happy parrot head fans

Cripes look what Gene Simmons has managed to do with Glam Rock from the late 70’s! And I’m not knocking KISS music I liked their music too. He ran with a BRAND/THEME and is going to the bank all night and partying every day.

Point is when you got a BRAND and you can create a THEME with that BRAND there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

If that accomplishment turns into a Goldmine more power to you.

Let this be the door that opens your creativity to help you find the right THEME to keep your restaurant growing financially every year!

Mr. Jimmy Buffett earns an estimated US $100 million a year from his businesses, album sales, and tours. That’s a lot of sand dollars.

He opened the first Margaritville store in Key West, in 1985. Buffett had a restaurant in Key West, Fla. and a little place in New Orleans when CEO John Cohlan joined him over 17 years ago.

palm trees and margaritaville

It all began with island escapism songs and a state of mind, which expanded to a broad-based consumer brand that includes the famous restaurant Margaretville, LandShark Lager, licensed Margaritaville Tequila, Margaritaville Footwear and Margaritaville Foods including Chips, Salsa, Guacamole, Shrimp, Chicken and more.  I owned a pair of his flip flops, I live in Florida they do come in handy from time to time.

If that wasn’t enough the brand continues to partnerships with casinos, airports and cruise lines.

Jimmy Buffett played a surprise concert for Norwegian Cruise Line employees during their annual meeting as part of an announcement that the new Norwegian Escape would have the first Margaritaville restaurant at sea.

Their goal was to create a quality experience where people can have fun, often with food and beverage, and find an escape from their daily lives. I’m sure you would agree they went beyond anything they ever imagined!

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort_rendering


Above is an artist render of the new flagship resort in Hollywood, Florida., that will have eight restaurants, including two new concepts: the upscale JWB Prime Steak and Seafood and a food truck called Floriday’s Food Trailer. Yes a Food Truck! Tell me that isn’t trendy enough for you?!

As far as the Jimmy Buffett experience helping people escape from their daily lives, well just ask a Parrot Head they’ll be glad to tell you!

When CEO John Cohlan answered questions from Bret Thorn from Restaurant News on the secret  to their success, Cohlan said  One of the secrets to our success is we love our jobs. When everyone does that, it’s contagious to the consumer. None of it is necessarily rocket science. It starts with quality. It has to be a quality product that people are proud to be associated with. The core of our DNA is that smile that people are greeted with, be it at a restaurant or a hotel, but then it’s that same emotional content we try to translate even to the inanimate things we sell [such as frozen, packaged coconut shrimp] in their look and feel. If you’re associated with something that’s a good time, it’s easier to create a culture that translates that good time idea. Also, Margaritaville is a social brand, about people getting together and enjoying the company of others.”

It’s obvious Buffett picked the right – right handed person 17 years ago to watch his back in paradise!

Success comes when your theme is constantly being refined and your targeted audience is being satisfied.

margaritville cafe night

Having the Buffett name attached to the company is what branding is all about! In order to keep that brand in good standing they still must continue to move in line with current trends.

margaritville cafe coffee shop

Doesn’t appear the have or will anytime soon run out of steam or clams!

Come Monday someone will be eating a cheeseburger, catching a wave at some beach, somewhere wasting away in Margaritaville, and escaping from their daily life, at least for 7 days perhaps…

cheese burger in paradise



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