King Me Checkers/Rally I Once Fed Your Corporate Office

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King Me Checkers/Rally My Business Once Fed Your Corporate Office…

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. is one of the largest chains of double drive-thru restaurants in the United States.

In 2014, Checkers/Rally’s was ranked #1 in fast food for overall franchisee satisfaction by Franchise Business Review’s 2014 Franchise Satisfaction Study!

Back in the early to mid-90’s Checkers had their modules constructed in Clearwater Florida.

From time to time, the office would order lunch from my business, Corporate Catering that was located a few blocks away from their module-developing site.

It was always fascinating to watch the Checkers units come to life. The metal covered bays that held the modules were in constant motion, churning out mini restaurants like a GM plant.

Being a long time Whopper fan myself, it was difficult for me to cheat but once I had a Champ Burger, I was reformed!

In addition, I knew I owed it to them to try their menu items, since they were ordering from my business.

checkers 100 percent beef

Let’s not forget their Seasoned Fries, I think they were one of the first restaurants to break from the traditional French Fry!

checkers seasoned fries

Brave move, they needed to set themselves apart from the competition and it sure did work!

Get Your Hot Dog!

When baseball season is over and your back yard grill is on hiatus don’t forget Checkers/Rally serves a  hot dog you can sink your teeth into…

I was totally bummed, when they discontinued the Dijon Chicken sandwich!

I know, I know, you can’t keep an item on a menu if it’s not selling, I understand that I don’t have to like the fact that they 86 it though.

I will admit I was delighted when I bit into my first Checkers Spicy Chicken Sandwich!

The Dijon Chicken Sandwich was very tasty and I will never forget it…I’m done being a cry baby!

How about a spicy chicken or Buffalo salad/wrap on the menu-just saying!!!

Love me some banana shake, they’re the best if you like bananas that is.

Checkers Banana milk shake

I was excited to see them pop up on Long Island (where I grew up) some years back when I was on vacation.

A good burger is always going to command an audience; especially when they just come off a grill and not out of a microwave.

I remember the first Checkers to have seating it was near our Catering and lunch delivery business!

It was on very busy corner of Ulmerton road and 49th street, in Clearwater surrounded by offices, business parks, a small commercial airport and the county jail. Captive audience for sure!

Th seating addition gave it “Happy Days” 50’s appeal.

Things have changed a lot since then!

rallys and checkers combined logo

And for the best!

At one point, it appeared that Checkers’ might have grown too fast kind of like Starbucks.

They had to close some sleepers and reevaluate their position in the quick service industry.

Checkers merged with Rally’s or Rally’s merged with Checkers regardless the marriage is a success-long live the Checker Burger!!!

checker burger meal

Checkers and Rally’s had similar concepts, being almost exclusively drive-thru with very little seating.

After the merger, Rally’s began redesigning its restaurants to follow the Checkers look.

Today, with the exception of a different name on the sign, Checkers and Rally’s restaurants look nearly identical.

“But There Cousins Identical Cousins” I’m showing my age with this theme song from a very old TV show, hey it works!

checkers crazy good chicken wings

The additions they have made to their menu such as the chicken wings (which are surprisingly good), coming from a person who lived a few years in -Buffalo/Rochester-home of the chicken wing, that’s a pretty good compliment…

Oh and if ice cream is your addiction check out their Cold Creations!

checkers cold creations

I’m feeling very nostalgic, reminiscing about my business and how Checkers was one of our successful customers and the fact they chose our business to feed their staff. Awwwww…

It was quite a site to see an area develop where my business Corporate Catering was located, we got there when things were just starting to boom.

We successfully sold Corporate Catering after 4 successful years and it wasn’t too long after that Checkers re-located their module building location site.

We may have moved out of the hood but the memories live on in our bellies, businesses, and franchises!

There’s actually a Checkers minutes from my current office/business, occasionally I will zip in and get me a burger, today will be one of those days!

King Me Checkers!!!king me checkers fast food









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