Johnny Rockets Launches A Realtor Into Franchisee Space

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The 50’s Diner Theme Never Gets Old!

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Marriette Simoni was an entrepreneur before she became a franchisee.

Throughout her career, both she and her husband have owned and managed real estate and luxury brands.

However, in 2009, Simoni decided to look into entering the restaurant and hospitality industry. Eventually the restaurant bug will get you. It is just a matter of how bad you get bit!

Marriette Simoni johnny rockets franchisee

What spawned her new entrepreneur venture? A fun dinner at the throwback franchise diner Johnny Rockets!

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She started investigating the franchise and five years later, she and her husband own two locations one in Camarillo, California and another in Rancho Mirage, California and plan to open up to six more.

The Journey to Being a Successful Franchisee

be a successful franchisee

The book also contains forms and templates that help the reader apply the concepts right away.

Johnny Rockets Launches A Realtor Into Franchisee Space

Their extensive experience in business and guest relations is why they were successful in their previous businesses and knew if they brought those qualities to their franchises their success would very likely continue.

“My husband is a successful real estate developer with an engineering background and I have a degree in marketing and management with many years of high end retail and guest service. Our energy works for us. He builds and I operate.” Marriette Simoni

They decided to put their experience, education and career backgrounds to work in another entrepreneur venture.

“We knew that in this industry, brand reputation is key.  With the right franchise, guests know that they’re going to get great food and an enjoyable experience.” Marriette Simoni

They knew they wanted to join a team that would help train them and teach their employees to provide outstanding service and food. Training is important in all aspects of owning and operating a restaurant. Both Marriette and her husband have a strong work ethics, they’re definitely not afraid of challenges or getting their hands dirty.

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“There is a sense of accountability when you’re part of a franchise system and we wanted to be part of an organization full of business owners committed to the experience. Johnny Rockets was the ideal choice for our family for these reasons and more.” Marriette Simoni


Once they contacted a few other franchisors and had a chance to speak with them they immediately realized that Johnny Rockets truly listens to its franchisees and provides extensive support.

Your success is their success, so they do everything they can to give you the tools you need. Johnny Rockets is an “A” rated franchise with a huge international and national guest following.

Johnny Rockets is recognizable brand with a fresh concept and dynamic team.

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“Johnny Rockets by far is the most fun business we’ve ever owned. Having the pleasure of interacting with our local and tourist guests each and every day makes it hard to call this work.” 

Fortunately, their success as entrepreneurs allowed them to make this sizable investment. After selling several of their real estate properties and businesses, they decided franchising was the next step for them.

Johnny Rockets, brand reputation, support and training systems was a major convincing selling point for them. Even with opening their first franchise in 2009, which was one of the worst times during the recession, they managed to rise above those challenges.

What sets Johnny Rockets apart from the rest!

Marriette stresses that it is important to believe in the franchise you invest in and enjoy the work that comes with it. Setting your standards high for your team, and be sure they meet those expectations. We currently have great team in place with both of our locations.

Finally yet importantly, when searching for the right franchise pick a franchisor that offers extensive support and is easily accessible. If they don’t meet those criteria’s move on to the next possibility and don’t look back.

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 Johnny Rockets Launches A Realtor Into Franchisee Space






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