Is Your Restaurant Suffering from Behavioral Problems

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Is Your Restaurant Suffering from Behavioral Problems

Making money is vital to an organization’s success but that isn’t the primary focus of great companies.

Define your restaurant’s purpose today beyond making money!

What is its reason for being?

The restaurants purpose, values and behaviors, strategies and targeted goals is what will set your apart in this highly competitive industry.

The main purpose of a restaurant is why it’s called “the hospitality industry”- to provide hospitality. Food, drink and comfort served to the patrons. It’s more than any one thing, it’s the whole package.

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Modeling and aligning your restaurant management and staff to practice your valued behavioral policies is what creates a consistently inspiring food service atmosphere.

Providing a manual to each employee of your policies, procedures and behavioral expectations is imperative.

Why Restaurant Employee Manuals are Important

Define and list what behaviors your management and staff will model to ensure they’re living your company values.

Service Quality & Service Satisfaction


Explain your restaurants strategies in this section of the manual. Let them clearly know what you want them to pursue during their interaction with customers and their follow workers.

Have the goals and the performance targets that would define success for your company.

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Listen to the importance of quality service! Click Below

Charlie Trotter Executive Chef, Charlie Trotter’s

charlie trotter chef

“Charlie Trotter changed Chicago’s restaurant scene forever and played a leading role in elevating the city to the culinary capital it is today,” Rahm Emanuel, the mayor, said in a statement after his death. “Charlie’s personality mirrored his cooking — bold, inventive and always memorable.”

It’s crucial that employees not only be taught scripts, but also be given appropriate knowledge.

Training programs should be designed to develop specific steps and actions for the staff and management to take during the variety of circumstances that can arise during any given shift.

Define a range of actions employees can exercise, determine the range of control to grant employees. What actions are proper in a specific situation?

Only when your management and staff embrace your valued behaviors will these elements gain credibility.

Why not create workplace that’s inspiring?


Is Your Restaurant Suffering from Behavioral Problems

“I remember the very first meeting that we had with the opening staff, and I said, “This restaurant has a three-tiered goal.” And the first tier of this goal is to be able to make an aesthetic contribution to our neighborhood, our community, or city in general. And hopefully what we’re doing on the inside, with the food, and the décor, and decorum, and the conduct and attitude of everyone on the staff, we want to pursue beauty for its own sake. It’s great to be profitable. It’s great to have money to spend on things. It’s great to make a nice living, that’s fantastic. But, on the other hand, how can we do some good”? Executive Chef, Charlie Trotter

The gains you generate in, service and profits by providing a policies and procedures manual to each employee will make everyone happy – you, your employees and your customers.

Is Your Restaurant Suffering from Behavioral Problems

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