Sustained Restaurant Success Is Repeat Customers

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Sustained Restaurant Success Is Repeat Customers

Of course, gaining new customers along the way should remain on any business owner’s to-do-list but in reality; repeat customers are what any restaurant should aim for. If you treat all customers in a way that makes them want to return, your restaurant will most likely gain long-term success.
A customer’s restaurant experience is the key to repeat business.


3 Tips On Attaining Repeat Restaurant Customers


  1. To assure loyalty, make your customer feels connected. Your customers want to feel like more than just a number. People simply love to feel important and respected. If your customers come in and feel like they aren’t valued, they’re not going to return. If they’re welcomed, and treated well, they’ll feel like family, and they’ll want to return. Use their name, if possible, and thank them for their visit.


  1. You must have great food and service. Why else would your customers return? Your food has to be delicious and worth the price they pay, or they won’t return. Make sure that your menu provides a great experience for every customer. Don’t overlook the value of your employees and the impact they have on your customers. Restaurants are service-oriented businesses; employee and customer engagement is a key piece to the customer loyalty.  People like to go to places that they enjoy, and they like to go places, even more, when they respect and enjoy the people who work there. This includes the employees, not only just the owner or manager.

  1. Maintain consistency, before you do anything else, you should make sure you have a good handle on your consistency. As human beings, we are creatures of habit and like things to remain consistent, and that goes for any place that we go to frequently. For example, a customer visits your restaurant several times, and on each visit, things have changed without warning: your hours changed, you raised prices, and you’ve stopped offering many of your popular dishes. Now your customer doesn’t know what to expect anymore, and they will be less likely to return.

Customers Can Be Divided Into

New Customers & Repeat Customers


Attracting new ones is very important, but over 60% of customers of a successful restaurant are repeat ones, it is evident where the focus needs to be placed.


One of the most important ways to make your customer feel like family is when you have conversations with your customer, find out details and information. The next time they come in you can mention information you talked about for example say they mentioned their daughter had a baby. You can ask how both Mom and baby are doing. The customer will feel important because you remembered and knew what to ask. You have gained your customer’s trust.
During special events, such as the launching of a new menu you may want to host a private party with your regular and most loyal customers. People love private parties and the opportunity to try new menu items before anyone else does, will make them feel special! This will gain you respect and friendship of your customers and make them feel the same.
Never forget that you will not succeed with bad food, even if you have great service and are super friendly owner and person. The fact is that people don’t return to places where the food was tasteless and bad.

I’ve devoted several years of my life to training and teaching entrepreneurs all my strategies and techniques for starting and growing a restaurant, and now I’m sharing many of them on my blog.

I’ll show you how to find customers and keep them!


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