If You Open A Restaurant Will They Come?

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If You Open A Restaurant Will They Come?

Everything you know from home entertaining or going to restaurants as a patron does not scale up to starting your restaurant and serving food.

If you open a restaurant how do you get them to come?

“After a well-executed restaurant grand opening, you may never have to spend a penny on marketing…ever! Orchestrate a poor grand opening, and you might be marketing yourself out of a hole for a very long time.”- The Restaurant Boss-Ryan Gromfin is an author, speaker, chef, and restaurateur.

There is some truth to the above quote but don’t be fooled you will have to spend money to advertise, there is no way getting around it. If you did a good job marketing it in the beginning, your advertising budget should be reasonable. One of the easiest ways to get customers to come to your restaurants is by providing them with an incentive to go back. Special offers and discounts are a quick way to generate interest in the grand opening event. 

It’s always important to remind people you’re still around serving great food and being competitive. Special offers and discounts and be sure at least one of your offers can be redeemed at a later date to encourage guests to visit again.

 Two  Most Important Tasks To Assure Customers Will Come To Your Restaurant

Many seasoned business owners argue that so many startups fail because they rush into planning and building a business without conducting market research and getting their cuisine right!

~ 1. Marketing is an essential part of getting people to come to your new restaurant!

Before you open the doors, customers need to be excited about dining there!

You have to develop a well-planned campaign that builds anticipation.

Stand out, know your stuff and get people excited that’s what it’s all about.

The competition among restaurants is overwhelming, and you’ll need to do everything in your power to be successful.

Local is the name of the game for most restaurants.

Let’s face most folks are looking for good food close to home, and you’ll get the most value out of your marketing efforts by targeting your ads to your local market.

Visual content is in high demand online these days, and having delicious looking photos on your website and various social media outlets are essential for drawing hungry tummy’s and eyes.

Show off your restaurant’s building front, décor, and ambiance. Get close-ups of your top dishes. Show your staff! A happy, smiling employees does wonders for your reputation, as customers long to be served by cheerful and content workers.

With so much competition today, friendly service, good food, and a comfortable atmosphere aren’t always enough. Restaurants even ones with outstanding food and service, must still actively market their restaurants to be successful.

Start your blog it’s a great way to build your following and engage with your customers. Blogs offer the chance to communicate your restaurant’s voice and personality. Share your, funny stories, recipes, and anything else you think would interest your customers.


~2. You have to get your Cuisine right!

Your food, more than anything else, is what your customers are going to judge you on. You have to make them fall in love with your food. You want to hear your customers “this is the best I have ever had.”

Your cuisine recipes are the pride of your business. Brand them they are what helps you stand out from your competition. You can also brand your recipes by creating a local cookbook or blog, or starting your blog with a special ‘recipe release’ each month.

While it’s impossible to please every guest, every time there are things you can do to help you keep your guests happy most of the time. Among them include choosing the best suppliers; always using the same quality ingredients in every dish or beverage preparation.

Understand who your target customers are! Then build your cuisine around what they are interested in. Make sure your menu is innovative, and also relevant. Don’t get too crazy mixing different cuisines, or offering many varieties of meals, but make sure you’re not boring either.

Food quality is incredibly important; it is the experience diners have from the first mouthful till they ask for the check.  You should remember to keep your customer’s palate needs at the forefront of every dining experience.

If You Open A Restaurant Will They Come?

The success of a restaurant is dependent on the efforts you are willing to put into it. Many restaurants go out of business in a short period simply because restaurateurs have not done their homework or put in the necessary efforts.

No restaurant is guaranteed to succeed, but the chances to be profitable and that you will become a successful restaurant owner increase when you take into account the Two Most Important Tasks To Assure Customers Will Come To Your Restaurant.

I do suggest before venturing into owning a restaurant business; there are a few things you should start doing. First and foremost, you should do your best to gain some experience in the industry. Whether it’s taking on a few shifts as a waiter or trying out your skills in the kitchen, make sure you’re getting into the right industry before taking a huge leap such as starting your own business.

There will be lots of pressure while you perfect your menu, build your staff and market your restaurant. That’s why working with SYRB you’ll learn how to avoid many of the mistakes most first-time restaurant owners making when opening their places.

If you have no experience in the restaurant business, I suggest working part-time in one to learn how they work. This way when you do start planning you will have some knowledge and understanding of how a restaurant runs.

Deciding to work with experienced restaurant professionals such as SYRB you will learn even more and can combine and utilize your own experience with ours. It is one sure way to guarantee restaurant success.

Let’s combine our knowledge and success, with your passion and knowledge to create a winning team for starting your restaurant.

Below is a basic breakdown of how restaurants get rated. 

Star Definitions

***** Five Star Restaurants: The Five Star restaurant delivers a truly unique and
distinctive dining experience. These restaurants consistently provide exceptional food,
superlative service, and elegant décor. An emphasis is placed on originality and
personalized attentive and discreet service. Every detail that surrounds the experience is
attended to by a warm and gracious dining room team.

**** Four Star Restaurants: These are exciting restaurants with often well-known
Chefs which feature creative and complex foods and emphasize various culinary
techniques and a focus on seasonality. A highly-trained dining room staff provides
refined personal service and attention.

*** Three Star Restaurants: Three Star restaurants offer skillfully-prepared food with a
focus on a specific style of cuisine. The dining room staff provides warm and professional
service in a comfortable atmosphere. The décor is well-coordinated with quality fixtures and
decorative items and promotes a comfortable ambiance.

** Two Star Restaurants: The Two Star restaurant serves fresh food in a clean setting
with efficient service. Value is considered in this category, as is family friendliness.

* One Star Restaurants: Provides a distinctive experience
through culinary specialty, local flair or individual atmosphere.

What star rating is your GOAL?


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