How To Start A Successful Restaurant

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First Time Restaurant Entrepreneurs

I Know The Key Issues Facing First Time Restaurant Entrepreneur

I have worked at every position in the foodservice industry from dishwasher, food delivery person, line cook, caterer, front of the house, manager, chef, and owner.

I have a true perspective of the challenges each owner faces, and how that can affect the growth and success of a new restaurant.

Owning a successful restaurant has been the most rewarding accomplishment of my career. 

Over the years I’ve helped many people get started in their own restaurant business.

There is a “Recipe for Starting & Running a Successful Restaurant

That Recipe Contains “3 Vital Elements

Follow This Proven Recipe


restaurant dream is alive and well in america

For 30 years I have been my own boss, a small businesses owner and consultant. I predominantly work with small business restaurant start-ups. I have owned 3 restaurant and catering businesses, 1 retail store and 1 entertainment media service business.

Do You Want To Own Your Own Restaurant?

I Can Show You How!

First Time Restaurant Entrepreneurs  

Let Us Help YOU

~Find the restaurant concept that best fits your personality, strengths and skills.

 ~Create an exciting theme that will draw crowds into your restaurant.

~Develop menu items your customers will find irresistible.


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46 % of Restaurant Employees say they would like to own a restaurant!     

Are You One of Those 46%?  

I Was 


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