How To Open A Healthy Juice Bar In The Right Location With No Risk

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Diet decision concept and nutrition choices dilemma between healthy good fresh fruit and vegetables or greasy cholesterol rich fast food with a man on a crossroad trying to decide what to eat for the best lifestyle choice.

Restaurant health trends are moving away from being diet-focused and more toward adopting healthier lifestyles.

If this is the direction, you wish to choose because it best fits your lifestyle and passion for owning your own healthy juice bar or eatery. You are on the right track when it comes to choosing a popular theme among today’s health-conscious guests.

Being a restaurant owner is like a shape, you need to find one that fits you. One you will do well at, the one you’re most comfortable in, the one you’re passionate about and the one that gives you purpose.

The new generation of juice bars is a far cry from what you once were offered at your local gym.

Along with producing a healthy juices such as cold pressed greens, the latest places are now beautiful spaces that do as much good with their natural light and design as they do with their menu offerings.

Among the fastest growing inherently healthy terms on today’s menus – organic, all natural, grass-fed, hormone free, sustainable, cage free, and gluten-free.

These terms serve as a cue that the menu items have a health advantage but also quality and taste. There are many restaurants in cities known for their not so healthy favorite specialties, take Chicago for instance, known for their hot dogs and deep-dish pizza has also become  home to some of the best healthy eating options the united states.

 Owen + Alchemy located in Chicago Illinois


-> They collaborate with farms who are dedicated to responsible conscious farming.

-> All their packaging juices, beverages, and edibles are completely compostable, biodegradable or recyclable.

-> They partner with composting facilities. They’re passionate about keeping the earth safe  for the next generation of locally produced food.

->  They support local businesses and farmers and choose to incorporate seasonal products into their juices and foods. They are concerned with the destructions that long-distance deliveries can have on the earth, by always purchasing  ingredients from the closest and most conscientious growers.

They are dedicated to their community and being part of making it grow and choose to collaborate with local businesses whenever possible.

They decided to open their cold-pressed juice apothecary in Logan Square because of the creative mindset that was  blossoming in neighborhood.

They felt that Logan Square was a place they could take a risk knowing how unique and creative the direction the community was going in.

This Is A Great Example Of Finding Your Target Market & Creating A  Theme

-> What They Want

     -> What They Are Ready For

owen alchemy menu selections.png2

Their Catering Menu Isn’t Your Typical Office Foods

They cater to people who choose a healthy lifestyle and they are dedicated to living a  healthy lifestyle and are passionate about running a juice bar and eatery that can provide it to their customers and community. It is a win, win situation!


owen alchemy menu selections


They did so well at their Logan Square location they opened a Second Location!

Owen + Alchemy has a second location inside Eataly where they offer plant-based apothecary’s signature cold-pressed juices, smoothies, nut milks, foods and custom herbal blends.

What Makes Them Stand Out!


-> Besides Their Healthy and Unique Menu and Theme, they offer  a delivery service option,”Keep your office healthy, happy and productive with regularly scheduled juice deliveries or convenient pickups at our Eataly location.”

-> For the serious juices they will install and office fridge, monitor it and keep stocked so you never run out or have to think about it.

-> They offer Wellness Workshops, a crew of  holistic health professionals, medical experts, wellness coaches to doctors of Chinese medicine, offering a range of programs highlighting a head-to-toe approach to wellness.

Click on the logo below and see what’s on the menu at Owen + Alchemy

Are you thinking about opening a healthy alternative food and beverage business?

“Opening a new restaurant is like aligning a 2,000-piece puzzle; it takes time and patience, and it may cause aggravation, but you’ll feel so satisfied when it’s finally done”. Allison Tetreault Content Marketing Specialist at Toast, Inc.

Research is at your fingertips!

Click On The Following Business Photos & Get Some Great Ideas

Starting a restaurant is the most difficult and important phase of your business.

Once you know exactly what you have to do from the beginning, you can eliminate many negative emotions and ignore those giving you negative feedback.

Doing the right steps and in the order, they must be done in gives you an advantage and a head start to a successful restaurant startup.

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