Fresh To Order (f2o) “Fast-Fine” Dining Concept Sounds Like a Formula 1 Race Car Slogan

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Fresh To Order (f2o) “Fast-Fine” Dining Concept Sounds Like a Formula 1 Race Car Slogan

Transforming food quality and guest experiences in less than 10 minutes for less than $10 can be the hardest thing in the world to achieve.

Fresh To Order (f2o) is proving it can be done!

They have built a model that can deliver healthy food in 10 minutes or less!

PaniniSalmon from Fresh to Go f2o

The power unit and transmission of a modern Formula 1 car are some of the most highly stressed pieces of machinery on the planet, and the competition to have the most power on the grid is still intense.

Ferrari F1car

There is no doubt that people are expecting healthy food fast and the restaurants that make that happen are going to be noticed just like the fast Formula 1 Cars on the track in victory lane.

“We call it ‘fine fast’ because our pledge to our guests is that we are a notch above fast casual, and they will receive the freshest, finest ingredients in less than 10 minutes for around $10. That has been the secret to our success.” Fresh to Order corporate chef and COO Jesse Gideon

And the ones that do it RIGHT are going to succeed!

People are looking for fresh-quality offerings reasonably priced, even when they are in a hurry.

There is a market for finer dining prepared healthier and without the expense or time especially for lunch.

healthy eating at work

This concept Fast –Fine dining is for everyone who is wanting to eat better, think better, and feel better.

corporate energy formula-one-car


The healthier we eat the more energy we have.

Just like the Formula 1 car we get to the finish line, win the checker flag (after accomplishing are daily responsibilities) and have left over energy to enjoy our victories!

checker flag car and runner

“I think it is still early on, but younger generations are more in tune with eating healthfully, older folks are doing it because they want to be healthier, but younger ones are doing it because it’s what they’re used to. It’s not a fad. And kids’ foods will evolve. You can already see the transition happening.” Fresh to Order corporate chef and COO Jesse Gideon

appetizer tuna at fresh to go

Give this concept fast-fine dining some thought, is it the right one for you, maybe?

It’s what many people want!

There’s a target market just waiting and wanting it…

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